The Root Cause of Your Anxiety Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Oct 17, 2016

Just like depression, anxiety is nothing new these days and it seems we all experience it once in a while or daily. There are many anxiety triggers that can lead to a serious panic disorder, but what is the best way to figure out the cause of your anxiety? Of course, visit a doctor. But before you do it, your zodiac sign can also help you to find the root cause of it. Check out what the stars can tell you:

1 Aries

Aries are too hard on themselves since they believe the world would stop without them. They rarely take a break, yet set too high goals and work too much to achieve them. They often get disappointed when something goes wrong and feel overwhelmed with daily stress.

Aries are highly sensitive and very prone to anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. If this is your zodiac sign, the major advice I can give you is just to relax and learn to enjoy your life. Life is short, after all.

2 Taurus

A Taurus worries too much about what others think and say about them. They are people pleasers by nature and this is the root cause of their anxiety. Stop thinking you are not good enough when you fail to please anyone. Focus on yourself and your needs, instead. You are not supposed to make others happy.

3 Gemini

Gemini tends to turn a little problem into a huge one, ending up stressing over it too much. You are highly emotional and have trouble controlling your anger when you are trying to solve the problem. My advice for you is to learn how to ask for and accept help. This habit will remove lots of stress from your life.

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4 Cancer

Cancers are anxious by nature. They are meticulous perfectionists who have trouble recognizing or handling mistakes, especially if others commit them. Cancers can’t stand criticism and take it too personally. They worry too much about other people’s opinions and strive to be the best at everything they do.

5 Leo

Although a Leo doesn’t care about what others say and do, they stress over their life failures. A Leo gets discouraged when something goes wrong and is prone to frequent mood swings due to it. If you are a Leo, you should realize that a failure is a part of our life. We can’t grow and develop unless we fail at least once.

6 Virgo

A Virgo has a habit of overthinking every aspect of their life day by day. They also tend to worry about their love life more than they should. A Virgo often freaks themselves out with the worst life scenarios, but in the end, manages to succeed in all aspects of life.

7 Libra

Libra has difficulty understanding that life is not always fair. Sometimes it is okay to give in and accept the situation as it is. You are just human, you can’t change what humans are not able to change. Keep it in mind the next time you are in an unfair situation.

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8 Scorpio

Scorpios are a bit selfish and they rarely care about something other than their own well-being. But there is one think that can make a Scorpio anxious and it is a lack of love and attention. They crave those two things and when people they love do not give them enough love in return, they start worrying about how to deserve their love. The solution here is realizing that not everyone is supposed to love you or care about you.

9 Sagittarius

A Sagittarius hates the rules, judgment, criticism and other people’s expectations. They have trouble meeting the deadlines and this often causes tons of stress. They feel overwhelmed when others tell them how to live, but desperately are trying to please the society. My advice is, focus on your happiness and ditch the things or people who bring you down all the time.

10 Capricorn

Just like Aries, a Capricorn puts too much pressure on themselves. They set high expectations and hard-to-achieve goals and get depressed when they fail to do reach them. They stress over the tiniest thing in the project and get angry when their coworkers do not treat that project seriously. Hey, Capricorn, take it easy. Nothing is perfect.

11 Aquarius

Multitasking is the root cause of your anxiety. You are trying to accomplish too many things at a time and when you fail to do it (that happens often, right?) you get stressed and depressed, but pull yourself together and do it once again.

12. Pisces

The crowd is what makes you feel anxious. You do not like to spend a lot of time among the crowds and are afraid of public speaking, despite the fact that you have fantastic public speaking skills. Since you can’t avoid the people, learn to be a bit more social and spend a lot of me time to restore your energy.

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Anxiety is not a joke, but a serious disorder that you should not ignore. Whether you believe in the zodiacs or not, paying attention to what the stars are trying to tell you may be worth it in the end. Do you think this information about your zodiac sign can relate to you?