10 Yummy Foods That Help Relieve Anxiety

Aug 2, 2016

If you struggle with anxiety and fidgeting, eating certain foods can help you feel at ease. While it may seem like whole food is not as effective as medicines, but you know what, nutritionists are right: people who put superfoods on their plates tend to be healthier and calmer than those who rely on sugary treats and processed snacks.

Whether you suffer from a chronic anxiety or you experience fidgeting once in a while, the following ten foods promote calmness, relieve anxiety and ward off the early signs of depression. A hidden bonus: they are all super healthy and yummy.

1 Blueberries

The reason blueberries top my list of the yummy foods that help relieve anxiety is because they are overflowing with vitamin C and antioxidants, making these tiny berries powerful stress-busters. Your body needs antioxidants and vitamin C to protect and repair cells. When it comes to fighting anxiety, it is best to eat fresh blueberries. If you are not a big fan of their taste, try using them in smoothies or eat them with Greek yogurt.