7 Ways to Conquer Your Constant Worries

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is the most widely spread mental disease in the United States that affects 18.1% of the population or 40 million adults each year. Whether you suffer from panic attacks or you simply worry too much all the time, it is time to learn how to deal with your constant worries.

1 Exert control

When you worry too much you have to make a choice. Would you allow your worries to control your behaviors, feelings, and overall life? Or, would you take a confident control over them? You have this choice and you have enough strength to make it. Do not let those fears and impulses to dominate you. Practice self-control on a daily basis to gain more confidence and strength so that you could handle your worries faster the next time they hit you.

2 Separate logic from emotions

Never make any serious decisions when you fail to tame your worries. The emotional arguments can make you do the things that you will regret later. Learn how to separate logic from emotions – that usually lead to fears and worries – and see how easier it will be to take serious decisions and how less stressed you will be then.

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3 Escape the reality

Honestly, I hate giving this tip, but sometimes it truly helps to cope with constant worries. Distract yourself from your overthinking and panic attack by watching some inspiring and positive movie, listening to uplifting music, reading your favorite book, or working out in the gym. It is also an excellent way to spend alone time and avoid negative conversations and daily problems that drain your energy.

4 Think about the present moment

Worries do not happen from anywhere. They can either come from the past or the future. The present moment can cause stress too, but it do not look as fearful as the future. Not to mention that the present moment do not chock full of various mistakes and resentment unlike the past.

5 Substitute the negativity with the positivity

This is where the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach truly works. Write down your worries and fears and think about the way you can substitute each of them with a positive thought or emotion. Consider it a game and have fun with it.

6 Reconsider your lifestyle

A lack of sleep, too much work, stress, poor eating habits, and toxic relationships lead to constant worries and even chronic anxiety. Make sure you eat healthy, get enough quality sleep, work more productively but less, and say goodbye to toxic people in your life. You might instantly see most of your worries go away.

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7 Find a balance between your actual and your ideal self

The constant worries make people see the problems where they do not exist and experience threat where you are actually safe. Realize that your constant worries cause overthinking, which eventually lead to chronic anxiety and even more serious mental health issues.

That’s all easier said than done, I know. However, once you start using these tips on a regular basis – not only when anxiety strikes – you will see how happier you will feel and how more successful your life will become.