5 Reasons to Stop Judging Your Emotions

Mar 31, 2017

When it comes to emotions, it is a touchy subject for some people. Many people have been raised to suppress their emotions because it is a sign of something negative and harmful or shows weakness.

However, embracing your emotions is the exact opposite of negative, harmful, and weakness. It is actually healthy and helpful when you experience strong emotions. Here are five reasons why you should stop judging your emotions and start living your life without emotional imprisonment.

1 Emotions are a part of who you are

When you judge your emotions and suppress them, you are suppressing a part of who you are. That allows you to experience life rather than just exist. We are complex beings, and part of that complexity is the emotional side. Your emotions can tell a lot about who you are and lead you to new experiences in your life.

2 Human emotion is natural

When you judge your emotions and determine that your emotions are abnormal, you deny yourself the truth about human nature. Human nature is full of emotion. We build our lives around our hope for happiness.

We build relationships around love and admiration. It is natural for us to experience a broad range of emotions throughout our lives. Without emotions, we would just be beings rather than human beings.

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3 Judging your emotions harnesses healing

When you judge your emotions and bury them within yourself, you deny yourself the ability to heal from those emotions if needed. Part of the grieving process is to actually grieve, be sad, be angry, and be in denial. This process leads to healing of the heart. Without allowing yourself to actually feel emotions, you can be putting more harm on yourself and others.

4 Your emotions can be a creative outlet

Stop judging your emotions and give them an outlet where you can express yourself creatively. Strong emotions can be used in a positive way and as a creative outlet.

Use the emotions to write, draw, paint, sing, and compete athletically. Even strong emotions like anger, anxiety, depression can all be used as a way to express yourself through another means other than in a harmful way.

5 Judging your emotions may bring up other unnecessary emotions

When you judge your emotions as weakness or as unjustified, you could be unleashing other emotions that do not need to be unleashed. You might be angry at the fact that you are depressed.

This does nothing but add anger to the mix of emotions rather than helping you overcome the depression. Do not allow more emotion in than you need as it will only compound your feelings rather than ease them.

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Judging your emotions suppresses feelings you should feel. It buries them and then can create another plethora of emotions that do more harm than good.

Having emotion does not make you weak or a bad person. It is what you do with that emotion that matters most. Stop judging and start experiencing life on a whole new level.