Is It Ever Okay to Live a Life Void of Any Passion?

Mar 28, 2017

Passion can mean many things to many people. It can be a strong and barely controllable sensation and feel for someone, something or even some place. Whatever it is for you, do you honestly believe that your life would be better off without it?

You have to remember that the cost of not following your heart – in whatever situation – is spending the rest of your life wishing you had. There is an ocean inside each of us begging to be set free, yet many of us never give ear to it and allow it to evaporate into thin air.

Should we never allow anything to touch us with our whole heart?

For that is what living a passionate life entails. It is not always about finding the right career with financial stability and promise of abundance. Or, the right person that will sweep you off your feet, carry you off into the sunset and evoke such wondrous sensations inside your body, on your skin and bring to life an eternity of ecstatic and ethereal emotions inside your soul. Nor is it always about a place that opens your eyes and creates a childlike excitement for all it can offer you as well as the way it can make you grow.

Passion is about finding your authentic self…

…the one you have buried under the ground, which is made up of all the other people, places and things that you placed above yourself and your wants and needs. Slowly the hole in which you now lie got deeper and the ground got heavier and in the process, you lost yourself. It is now time to redeem her, breathe life back into her bones, and find your path back to your passions in this life.

I do not know what you have been through, nor what you will go through. But one thing I can promise you is: Living a life void of any passion will bring about the soul-sucking death of self. Life will lose its beauty and wonder and you will find yourself unable to breathe from all the pressure pressing down on your shoulders. It will age you ahead of time.

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Passion is the core of what it means to be truly living

Without it, we humans are merely existing. We will only be going through the motion of your everyday life, never having the opportunity to thrive in this wonder of it. Life is so immensely short. It flashes by so suddenly that it is sad to see how many people arrive at the end of their journey never following that calling behind their ribcage that yearned for it with every beat that it took.

It is comfortable to live in the twilight zone of “okay”

Take a good look around you and even inside you, consider how many people are just settling in their jobs, in a person, and in a place. It is a copious amount of people, is it not?

All around us and everywhere in the world people are becoming complacent into “okay” careers, “okay” relationships, “okay” places and into an “okay” life. The question that overpowers my mind is, why?

The only answer I can come up with is that it is comfortable to live in the twilight zone of “okay.” The mediocracy of a life lived in “okay” pays the bills, it makes us feel less alone and it makes us feel safe.

Yet, what we have to remember and engrave upon our hearts and heads is that “okay” will never, ever be thrilling or exciting, or breathtaking and all consuming. It will never be extraordinary and out-of-this-world. The mediocre life will not be life-changing – neither for yourself or for others, nor will it be unforgettable.

Find out what lights up a blazing fire inside your soul

Living a life of passion is the only reason you will risk absolutely everything you have for just the slightest chance that something amazing might take place. We all have that magic inside and around us and we should never apologize for it, nor allow anyone or anything to bury it and us with it. Oprah Winfrey once claimed that passion is an energy that emanates power if we focus on what excites our bones.

The time to dig yourself out of that hole and out from under that toxic and oxygen-stealing ground has arrived. It is time to find your authentic self and rediscover your passions. It is time to find out what lights up a blazing fire inside your soul and it is time to chase it – focus on it, and feel its unshakable power.

Do not settle for ordinary

Do you not long for those sleepless nights caused by a strong beating that is so loud inside of you that you simply cannot ignore it anymore? Do you not want something that causes your whole body to shiver from miles away because of the power of that fire that opens your eyes to new horizons and unimaginable experiences?

Ordinary is not in your nature, so do not settle for it. Discover how fierce you are and the strength that has always been inside your bones. Discover that nothing and no one can hold you back – not even yourself. Discover that your passion is able to burn brighter than all the doubts and fears housed inside of you – that is, if you open the door and allow it to.

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Roald Dahl once said that upon a day he discovered how important it was to never settle for mediocracy and to start living a life full of enthusiasm. His advice was that if you are genuinely interested in something, you should go for it, full speed ahead.

No matter what it is; we should embrace it with open arms, love it and above all become passionate about it. Go out and take some chances, take a few risks, find that passion – rekindle it. Fall in love all over again, it honestly is worth every second of it.

Passion really changes everything.