5 Things That Happen When You Do More of What You Love

There is something indescribably pleasant about having fun, developing your interests, and furthering your personal potential. The universe seems to take on a new angle – one where nothing is a limitation, just a pedestal lifting to another, higher step towards yourself. When you stop spending your time doing things that do not agree with your soul and start listening to what your heart truly wants, you gain all the mentioned benefits and more.

1 You get happy and stay happy

When was the last time any sense of satisfaction lingered for more than a few hours? Unless you are loving every minute of life, chances are you feel instances of “should of, could of, would of” regret. You think about what you could be doing and how great it’d be to do it. So why not do what you love? Listening to your passions makes your happy. Happiness enhances your quality of life.

2 You get more creative

Getting in touch with your desires and to your heart has a unique perk – you get an incredible surplus of imagination. Instead of dwelling in the realm of restrictions based on fear or not-knowing, you find yourself in a realm of possibility.

Think of it this way: Inspired chefs cook the best dishes. Writers in love with their stories make the most readable content. Truly philanthropic doctors do the most healing. The reason is because they enjoy what they are doing and want to see how far they can go, how much good they can do. Innovation is related to continuous betterment.

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3 You see the world more optimistically

Raise your hand if you are one of those people waking up in the morning to the depressing thought of, “ugh, another day of the same old stuff.” No news in good news in this case. You are bogged down by a routine that you never wanted, and so energy diminishes from your life.

When you enjoy what you are doing, every day is met with a positive burst of light. You find yourself thinking less about the obligations and more about what can be created, what tasks can be accomplished, and how much fun you will have doing it.

Sequentially, life becomes less about the monetary gains and more about the personal development. You seek out fun experiences over material things. Laughter is worth far more than copper coins.

4 You attract like-minded people

Laughter is contagious. Scintillating souls are magnetizing. Someone who combines these two things is an inescapable yet benevolent entity. And those who are attracted to your energy are no less magical. People resonating on the same level as you will somehow find their way into your life, adding to the joy.

Once you accept yourself, your passions, and open your heart, people will take notice. You will soon find yourself surrounded by the best of friends the universe could have ever gifted you with.

To use myself as an example, when I stopped struggling with a dead-end job and followed my dreams, I was suddenly making connections around the world. A love of dance guided me to a new family. A love of writing introduced me to a vast community of wonderful friends.

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5 You learn what it means to love

By doing what you love, you create a bond with the most important being in this world – yourself. You see into your true self. It might be a struggle at first to find the connection, but when you do, there is no greater feeling.

Do what you love, and you will become the very thing you love most. Furthermore, others who love you for being you will appear in your life. Each day will be a gift where you can advance your interests and triumph in your own way.