5 Secrets of a Girl Who Unapologetically Loves Herself

Psst. Hey, you, in the mirror. Yes, you. I have got something to tell you, something you have every right to know. A lot of time has passed since we have last spoken like this, and you might not be ready to hear it all. But some secrets have to come out. The truth is, I am a girl who unapologetically loves herself, and while the expression my reflection makes could be a little less incredulous, all I feel is self-love.

1 I did not always feel this way

Worthlessness and depression pervaded my days. I did not like myself or my body, and I did merciless things to it – like almost starving myself to the brink of death. Not many people know my past, or what I went through, but I think that overcoming the sadness and pain molded me into who I am today.

And let’s get to the core of this right now: self-acceptance is one of the life’s ultimate challenges. Sometimes, even when you accept yourself, you will maintain a love/hate relationship with what is in the mirror. Always striving to change the outside. Always hoping to be a better version of yourself. You know what? It is totally okay.

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2 Loving yourself takes time

Immeasurable time. An unpredictable amount of time. Some people learn the ins and outs of self-love and self-worth quickly. Others, like me, need to exhume the light that resides deep within. At the beginning of every effort to learn how to love, yourself comes the desire to be better in tune with your true self, the higher self.

You might stumble blindly onto this path, or the torches could already be lit for you. Either way, the journey never truly ends. You only learn more about yourself in time.

3 I laugh at myself often

Nothing in this world is permanent enough to truly alter the fabric of your reality. So there is no use in being so uptight and serious. I used to be an overly perfectionist, to the point where even my movements were so measured, I was robotic. Stiff. Alive but not living.

Gradually, the metal was chipped away by the emotions inside of me. When I stopped trying to control everything around me so viciously, the real me flowed through. When you love yourself – your true essence – there is a constant effervescence on your tongue. Laughter and joy is everywhere, even in the blackest of nights. There is going to be uneven sections in the brick road. If you stumble over them, laugh it off.

4 I am not afraid to cry

When I loathed myself and my sensitivity to certain things, I shut down emotionally to prevent tears. But, when I started to accept who I am, I allowed myself to cry. Tears are not a sign of weakness. Tears are a sign that you think, perceive, and feel; and when you feel something so strongly that it shakes you to your core, tears depict that.

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5 I do not need someone else to be complete

When you love yourself, you transcend the societal norm of people needing companions, significant others, and other co-dependent terms. Everything exists within you. You are complete in and by yourself.

So when another soul comes along that you find yourself seeking to spend time with, there is a real resonance. You will find that you harmonize with others on a deeper, more organic level when you understand and love yourself.

Those around you will sense that completeness and respond to it. The reactions may not always be in the way that you like. But just remember that you have yourself, and when you feel perfect in all of your imperfections, you are invincible.