8 Hidden Truths about Confident Women

Confident women are amazing, brave, independent, strong and assertive. They know what they want and get it by all means. Some respect confident women while others run away from them. Anyway, we don’t perceive them the right way. We believe confident women need no support, no comfort and no advice at all.

Strong women are not arrogant and self-absorbed, and they were not born confident. They have been working for their confidence and independence for years. They have faced many difficulties and have overcome many challenges while so called ‘strong, lazy’ girls rely on their parents and men and do nothing to gain independence and respect. Before judging confident women, remember these 8 misconceptions about strong girls.

1 They’re not sensitive

Many believe confident women don’t have any feelings. They don’t know what vulnerable moments are and don’t fume about trifles. They don’t spend nights overthinking their relationship and career problems. In short, they are totally selfish and self-centered. It’s a wrong belief. Confident women have weak moments too. They can be as sensitive as any other person can be.

2 They don’t like compliments

Any woman – be she strong or weak – loves praises and compliments. The only difference is a response. While an ordinary girl would say something like, “Oh, thank you, love you, you are the best,” a confident girl may say firm ‘thank you’ and show no excitement or happiness. She may even say that she hates compliments, but it’s not true. Confident women want to be praised and they deserve beautiful words.

3 They know absolutely everything

Yes, confident women are smart and intelligent – that what makes them strong – but they there are something they don’t know about. Now matter how hard you try, you can’t know everything. Confident women are not afraid to accept their mistakes. They learn from them and don’t make them twice. Reading is one of their best hobbies but it doesn’t mean they are nerds. They are fun and interesting to hang out with.

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4 They’re not afraid of anything

Even the strongest lady has at least one fear. Fear doesn’t choose whom to strike. It strikes everyone. Confident women are afraid of failure, death, loneliness and miserable life. They dread to become weak or broken. When a confident woman faces a challenge or a failure, though, she doesn’t give up. She becomes stronger and her faith helps her move mountains and become more successful.

5 They don’t care about other people’s opinions

There’s a difference between worrying about what others will think or say about you and paying attention to other people’s opinions. Confident women do whatever they want to do because they don’t let others prevent them from being who they are. Girls with weak willpower, on the contrary, let others control their actions. They are afraid to do something without someone else’s approval.

6 They never get hurt

There’s a huge misconceptions about confident women that we all should realize. Strong women get hurt too. They feel pain – they are not cold. They all have hearts – kind hearts. Whether it’s someone’s death, a breakup or a discharge, they feel it all. They feel lost, frustrated, and depressed. Like we all do.

7 They can’t love

Even though strong women have trouble expressing their true feelings, they can love. They love animals, people, nature and job. They love life. When a strong girl falls in love with the guy, she makes everything possible to make him happy without words. Telling someone ‘I love you’ that’s one thing, but when you show them you love them, that’s a whole other thing. So guys, stop being afraid of strong, confident women – they deserve to be loved. Instead of moaning and judging a strong girl, boost your own confidence.

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8 They’re self-absorbed

Just because confident women walk with their heads high and believe in their strength and abilities doesn’t mean they are self-absorbed and better than others. They don’t think that way. Strong women respect others and try to help and inspire them to live a better life. Selfishness isn’t about confident women.

There are many things we can learn from confident women. We hate them. Envy them. Respect them. Love them. But why are we keep judging them? Instead of feeling jealous, why not focus on ourselves? No offence, guys, but nowadays women are a bit stronger than you are. The reason isn’t obvious. Maybe because men are too relaxed and lazy. The main rule we must follow in life is to respect and help each other. Both strong and weak people deserve it. What are the biggest misconceptions about strong girls you can add to this list?