9 Reasons It’s Hard Yet Great to Be an Unforgiving Woman

Can you forgive any fault of others easily? I personally have trouble forgiving those who hurt me at least once. Being an unforgiving woman is not easy because there`s practically no one in this world who you can believe. If you forgive once, you`re a kind hearted, wise person, but if you forgive twice, shame on you. If you still think that forgiving people isn’t worth it, here’s why it’s hard yet great to be an unforgiving woman.

1 You’ve had too much negative experience

Those terrible feelings you have when find out that someone cheats on you may also be caused by too much negative experience you had in past. Even though you might have had lots of troubles with people before, it shouldn’t make you weaker. Experience is always useful, especially the bad one. Each and every negative person we meet in life is a teacher that gives us an important lesson. If someone betrayed you, you`ll be smarter next time so don`t take it too personally.

2 You are faithful in a relationship

Most unforgiving women are extremely faithful in their relationships and it sometimes causes them lots of problems. They love too hard and then they avoid any partners when the lie comes out. You most likely find it hard to believe any man again after you once met a betrayer on your way. Being careful is wise but love never asks us for permission to take place in life so be sure that one beautiful day someone will make you happy again.

3 You can’t be open with any guy you like

If you are an unforgiving woman, you know how it’s difficult to be open with someone you love. You suspect every guy and you don`t want to believe in true love anymore. You think that every man is a betrayer and you don’t trust any of them. While it’s not exactly true, it’s great when you are not naive. You just don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you.

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4 Your expectations are too high

Women who have too high expectations can’t forgive others. You think you do everything to make others happy but don`t get anything in return. You support all of your friends and when you need that support, there`s no one close to you. Your expectations are probably too high so no one fits them. Stop waiting for others to make you contented. You are the only one who can support you and make you happy.

5 ‘I’m sorry’ is not enough for you

When someone betrays you, they don`t think about the consequences. They think you`ll forgive if they only say “I`m sorry” like most people do. No way! This simple phrase means nothing and you know it well. You`ll start trying to forgive someone only if they do something really valuable and highly important to make you change your attitude. They have to put all possible efforts if they expect for your forgiveness.

6 You think everyone is terrible

Every person seems to be an example of devil for you. You see people and you expect the worst form them. You wait for the moment when your friend will lie to you or bring you down. This world view isn`t the one you need to have if you want to live a fully happy life. You have frequent fights with friends and your suspicious nature prevents you from making new ones. Our thoughts are material so do your best to think more positively.

7 People become afraid of you

People are afraid of unforgiving women so you’ve probably noticed that your friends and coworkers are afraid of you too. They know you would never forgive them if they lie to you at least once and it actually makes them do so. But they hide everything from you carefully because they don`t want to make you feel worse.

8 You can forgive but not forget

You may sometimes forgive someone if their fault is not so big. But it does not mean that you forget about it. You have a perfect memory and you remember every unusual situation that takes place in your friendship or relationship. It`s great and terrible at the same time because all other traits are connected with your unforgiving nature.

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9 You think you are always right

Demanding correct behavior from others is all about being unable to say sorry to people. You think you`re right in any situation. On the one hand it`s awesome. On the other hand, an independent woman needs to see and accept her own faults too, if she wants to grow up and become a better person. It’s crucial to realize your mistakes, otherwise it’ll have a harmful impact on your self-esteem and on your world view in general. Try to be more tolerant instead.

It`s extremely hard to be an unforgiving woman. Even though you want to find the truth in everything, you wouldn’t manage to change everyone around you. When you can`t change the situation, try to change your attitude towards it. Remember that if you want to change the world, start from your own self. Stop expecting too much faith from your friends and family. Think about your own mistakes instead and make all necessary conclusions. Do you think being an unforgiving woman is a blessing in disguise?