7 Things Only Girls Who Were Raised by Powerful Moms Understand

Apr 14, 2016

I was raised by a strong and powerful mom who still inspires me to stay strong even during my worst times. I have a strong dad too, but my mom has always been the person I turn to when I need to get that powerful advice. My cousin was raised by a weak mom (no offence auntie) and she is still unsure of what to do next and how to survive the rough times, albeit she is already 29. She says she lacks willpower like her mom and has no idea how to be independent and strong.

Mother plays a crucial role in her child’s life. She can either help you become successful or bring you down when you crave support. While a strong mother empowers her child, a weak mom is always afraid to take a big step and show that gender is not a sign of weakness. Girls who were raised by powerful moms know what I’m talking about. Note: a powerful mom is not a rich mom. Here is what girls learn from their strong mothers:

1 Happiness is in your hands

Do not rely on someone else for your happiness. You are the only one who is responsible for your happiness. If you do not create your happiness, no one will do it for you. Strong mothers know it and teach their children to find positivity in negative situations. You can be happy even if everything or everyone is against you.

2 Patience is always rewarded

No matter what is happening to you today, tomorrow may bring happiness and success into your life. Hard times will pass anyway, so staying patient is key to a peaceful mind and life. As I was a child, my family survived plenty of difficulties but we stayed strong. My mom taught me that any difficulty is not a reason to lose heart.

3 Independence is vital

Every woman deserves to be independent. If someone steals your freedom and tries to make you humble, this is because you allow them to do it. Powerful women do whatever their hearts wish and when someone tries to prevent them from reaching their goals, they simply remove that person from their lives. Girls who were raised by powerful moms understand the value of independence and they never fear to lose the support.

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4 Strong women should be soft too

My mom is one of the strongest women I have ever known, but she is not as strict, selfish and cold-hearted as many people think. She is very sensitive and compassionate. She knows and feels when to hug me and when to preach me. I remember seeing my mom silently crying when I felt sick or depressed, or when someone had difficulties.

My mom says a strong woman should be soft and firm at the same time. She has to know when to suppress her emotions and when to let tears flow to feel better. Crying is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of humanity.

5 Never look back

Girls who were raised by powerful moms understand that there is no sense in dwelling on the past. They keep moving forward and look back only if they need to learn a precious lesson from the past. What is done is already done. You cannot change it, even if you put a lot of efforts in it. This is a lesson I learnt from my mom since my childhood.

6 Keep your dignity

It is not easy to be a woman. Our opinions are often ignored or underestimated and sometimes we cannot prove anything. We have trouble achieving high goals and positions. Girls who were raised by strong mothers typically have more chances of being leaders, because they know how to keep their dignity and follow their dreams despite stereotypes and difficulties.

They do not allow men to laugh at their dreams or underestimate their power. Strong women know that they are not weaker than men. In fact, we are all equal, albeit there are times when women are stronger than men, right? Unfortunately, many guys do not understand it.

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7 Love yourself

Powerful woman has a high level of self-confidence. She is not arrogant. She simply has a power to believe in herself and love herself when others don’t. Strong moms teach their children to love themselves first, even when they have tons of shortcomings and the whole world is against them. Self-love is key to true love and overall success.

Every mother is wonderful – be she strong or weak. If your mom lacks will power, it is time for you to become strong and empower her to believe in herself. If your mom is powerful, never ignore her advice. Of course, girls who have powerful moms face a lot of daughter-mother drama, but respect must be the key here. Remember, everything she does, she does it for your happy future.