New Study Reveals Women Are More Body Confident Than Ever

A toast to all my sisters around the world! We have done it. We are more body confident than ever. How does it feel? Though wherever you are in the world may have yet to feel the waves being made by the body-positive movement, the boat is definitely going to start rocking. How can I be so sure?

According to new research done by Women’s Health UK for the September Naked Issue, female body image has indeed improved. The group distributed a global survey to their readers. Nearly 2,000 women throughout the world had responded to the call. 46% of those respondents claimed that they felt more confident about their physical appearance than they did 4 years before.

Although 79% answered ‘not exactly’ when asked how they felt about wearing bikinis, the previously mentioned 46% have made investments in their overall health. This includes their self-image improving with age. I am aware that you might be thinking, “Big deal! It is still not 50% or higher.”

But, I think there is a reason to get excited. Throughout the world, there is the image of an unhealthy, frail women wearing expensive clothes and walking runways. Skinny has been glorified, but that is not healthy. Fit bodies have been overly sexualized, too.

Despite the constant bombardment that women lose their beauty as they age, that curves aren’t beauty, that the thigh gap should be a thing, women are gradually feeling better about the skin they are in.

Be More Body Confident Everyday

Now that more and more ladies are jumping abroad the body positive train, you might be thinking about joining the movement (if you haven’t already). If you are ready to feel more beautiful just by being you, do what those ladies who are feeling more lovely than 4 years ago and make a personal investment in your self-care.

1 Be kind to yourself

You may want to read that as “do not get pissed at yourself for making a mistake.” Take it from the girl who would freak out after eating one too many bites of popcorn (me when I had an eating disorder) and understand that mistakes happen. Just remember that part of being self-aware and confident is allowing yourself to stumble along the road sometimes. It is part of being human.

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2 Appreciate your body

Look at yourself in a mirror. You might not like what you see, but you should overlook the parts of yourself that are not necessarily what you want and focus on what makes you feel beautiful. If you love your smile, focus on that.

If you think you have strong legs, give those thighs a happy pat. It is all about focusing on the good things you have. The jiggle and wiggle can be changed with some exercise and a change in diet (if you are really want to change).

3 Positive affirmations

Lastly, never forget who you are. That is one of the reasons why more women are finding happiness in themselves – they are not giving up what makes them happy for the sake of someone else. If anyone in this world makes you feel less than who you know you are, don’t stick around. Find yourself. Love yourself. Repeat the positive affirmations that make you believe it, and you can do anything you set your mind to.

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Finally, women are catching on about the body positive movement. Throughout the world, more ladies are looking at themselves in the mirror and thinking, “Wow, I am awesome.” Because you are. Every single one of us is. Next year, let’s make that 46% even higher. Let’s aim for 100% of women feeling body confident.