7 Signs You Are Constantly Putting Yourself Last

It can be easier to determine when someone is being respectful to you than it is to determine if you are respecting yourself. The same rules of relationships with others apply to relationships with ourselves. You can’t be the best version of yourself if you put yourself last. Putting yourself last is ultimately showing disrespect to yourself.

1 You are afraid to disagree

While saying ‘yes’ is not necessarily a bad thing, it can become a problem when you often say ‘yes’ to things that you do not have time for and things that are not important to you. Over scheduling yourself only takes time away from important self-care.

2 You constantly avoid offending others

Everyone has different opinions about various things and we often do not express them. When you suppress your opinion and don’t share it, even if it is a different opinion than the one being offered, you are essentially saying that your opinion does not matter.

3 You put others’ needs before your own

We all have obligations and responsibilities to take care of but if you consistently put your self-care on the back burner, you will not be doing anyone a favor in the long run. You can’t be the best version of you if you consistently ignore your needs in terms of rest and overall self-care.

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4 You try to make others happy above all else

It is not inherently wrong to want others to be happy. However, when you try too hard and people continually take from you and never give back to you, you are becoming their doormat. Doing things just to make someone happy is not a worthwhile investment of your time.

5 You often hide how you feel

Society has taught us to keep our feelings and emotions hidden so they will not make others uncomfortable. You are pretty much saying that your valuable thoughts, opinions, and feelings do not matter when you do not say how you truly feel. If someone asks how you are, tell them how you really are.

6 You regularly seek external attention

The attention that you give yourself is the only kind of attention that matters. When you seek attention from others, you are looking for an external validation of something you most likely already know. You feel that you need to have someone else’s approval when in reality, you only need to approve of yourself.

7 Your inner circle is filled with bad company

Friends are a vital support group in all stages of life. If your inner circle is filled with people who do not appreciate you or who do not share beliefs and values that drive you to become your true self, you are essentially saying to them that you do not matter and who you should become does not matter.

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If you find that you are guilty of some of these things, now is a good time to look within and reflect on what you may be missing. In order to be respected by others, you need to respect yourself first. Putting yourself last is a form of disrespect to yourself. You are valuable, your opinions matter, your feelings matter, and everything about you matters so treat yourself as such.