5 Things That You Should Love With Your Whole Heart

Dec 9, 2016

Socrates once claimed that it is not living that matters, but living rightly. If we find ourselves living disconnected from the world and the people around us, even from ourselves, we will soon find ourselves feeling hollow inside. If we find ourselves getting lost in the mundane, superficial and unimportant things in this life, we will eventually lose ourselves.

It is thus that it is of utmost importance that we establish what really matters to us in this world and then choose to love it wholeheartedly and fervently. Once we have established what we value most in life and start loving it, we will find ourselves being filled with a happiness that surpasses all understanding. We will be content and at ease, viewing the world with a whole new set of eyes – eyes that only seek the good on and for this planet.

We might think the choice between the superficial and significant will be an easy one to make, but often we can get so absorbed in the frivolous and artificial in life that we do not see the other authentic and genuine choice beckoning us to a new utopian lifestyle of pure joy and contentment.

Thus, what is it that truly matters and that should be loved and valued with our whole hearts? Here is a list that I have observed others value and that I for myself find to be of extreme importance:

1 Family

Family is the cornerstone of any person; it is the saving grace that keeps you grounded and supports you through thick and thin. Family does not necessarily have to be your relatives, as it often expands the bonds of blood to that of friendship.

We have to love these members of our tribe with everything in us because without them we would be lost. They are the ones that take us in, love us and provide a framework of values, care, and understanding. These are the people that see you through your good and bad times, who relish with you in the good and never leaves you in the bad. It is because of this that it is only natural to love them wholeheartedly in return.

2 Friends

The beings that are often closer than blood and holds one of the most important places in our hearts. Our tribe of friends plays an enormous part in who we are and who we become. It is with them that we share our innermost secrets without expecting and experiencing judgment.

It is with them that we can be our complete and foolish selves without any criticism or superior airs. These are the people who build you up and would never dream of breaking you down. Love them and hold them preciously in your lives for they will always be your partner in crime, your shoulder to cry on and your one and only, unlimited source of laughter, adventure and fun.

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3 Adventure

Talking about adventure, where would we be in life if we did not embrace the exhilarating experience of going on an epic adventure?

Eleanor Roosevelt once stated that the purpose of our lives is to live it, to taste experiences to the paramount; to reach out eagerly towards newer and richer experiences, without fear holding us back.

Packing your bags and booking a ticket to a place that will get you out of your comfort zone and allow you to grow, thus enabling you to become a stronger, wiser and more open person than what you ever dreamed of you could be.

You have to start loving the adventure called life with your whole being in order to cease the day and live a life full of unforgettable and unimaginable memories. One day, you will look back at your life and all you did. Will you be satisfied with how boldly and purposefully you lived it?

4 Life

This moment you are in now will be a part of your life story forever. It is a blank canvas for you to paint on and to create a story with the colors you choose to adorn it with. It is up to you to produce your own version of truth, compassion, and purpose and share it with the world.

Your life means something. Never forget that you have the ability to be a blessing and an inspirational light for someone who fell on their knees and does not know how to get back up – for that reason alone, you should love your life.

Your life has worth and greatness; do not allow it to dissipate and diminish because of pain, rejection and the inability to be something that society expects you to be. Your power does not lie in being someone else, but by you being all you were individually created to be – and who you still can grow into being.

William W Purkey said it best when he exclaimed that you have got to dance like no one is watching; you have got to love like you have never been hurt in your life (something we all have to work on), you have got to sing your heart out like no one is listening and you have got to live like right now it is heaven on earth.

5 Planet

On the note of living life like it is heaven on earth, we should also strive to love the planet so much that we attempt to make it a better place for all who inhabit it through our daily actions. We should love the Earth with such a fierce dedication that we try everything in our power to save it; educating not only our children, but also our fellow human beings around us.

I cannot stress the importance of creating an awareness of the global climate situation enough – it is up to us to save the generations to come, they are looking at us. The future is literally in our hands. How are we going to respond? This is our only home, we need to protect it the same way a lioness would protect her baby cub.

Look at any sunrise or sunset, any full moon evening or bright starry night; take a look at the waves crashing a white sanded shore and tell me that you cannot feel an eternal and overpowering love overwhelm your heart? Perhaps our sole purpose in this life of ours is to value and protect the Earth and all its inhabitants. Once we do this, all other tragic and terrifying world dilemmas are sure to fade away.

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The cliche that love is what makes the world go round rings true, as human beings we are the world’s largest source of all that love can accomplish. Let us start choosing love, compassion, and understanding – it is the only way forward.

This list is understandably based on my own life and experiences, but what is yours? Tell us what you love dearly and wholeheartedly or what you believe should be loved with such fierceness in the comment section below.