6 Powerful Ways to Let Love Fight Fear

Nov 22, 2016

There is a beautiful scripture that says ‘perfect love casts out all fears.’ I think that is the perfect sentiment to keep in mind when it comes to love as it can truly be terrifying to let yourself love someone else, whether romantically or platonically.

There is so much to be scared of when you allow yourself to be vulnerable with another human being, so I do not blame you for being worried. However, life is so much sweeter when you have love in it and so I have a few tips to help you get over your fears and let love in.

1 Let it in

First, you have to be willing to let others get to you. Let them know that you are a safe person to come to and that they will always be welcomed without fear of judgment. By giving them this safety, you will get so much more in return.

2 Do not deny it

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with love is denying that you feel it. Embrace the warm and fuzzy feelings that you feel and acknowledge them instead of pushing them away. When you are in denial, your fear keeps growing, lowering your chance of finding your soulmate.

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3 Face your fears

The most effective way to get over a fear is to take it head on so identify what exactly it is that scares you about love. Is it abandonment? Rejection? Vulnerability? Why do you have those fears? Is there something in your past that you need to deal with that is causing them? If so, that is not something to be ashamed of. We all have issues that need to be addressed, so be truthful with yourself and work to deal with the root of your fears.

4 Give more than you get

So many times we get caught up in what we can get out of something instead of asking ourselves what we can give others. Showing love to others through charities or serving is a great way to not only give yourself away but to also get love in return. You will never feel as loved as you do when you have given your time and energy to those in need.

5 Let go

When you are caught up in fear, it is hard to let yourself be open to love of any kind. Try to open your hands and surrender. Everything will likely work itself out in the end, so just surrender to the process and be open to what it brings. True, you may get hurt but you know what? There is no way that you will ever know unless you take a chance.

6 Be a force of love

The easiest way to let love overcome fear is to make sure that you are always being loving. Simple as that. Smile at a stranger. Open the door for someone. Buy someone’s coffee. Show love to other people for absolutely no reason at all and see the response you get! I have a feeling that you will start to see the world in a different light and you just may inspire others to do the same.

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Love can be a scary thing and it always involves some risk. But remember what they say: It is better to love and have lost than to never have loved at all. So, open up your heart and love a little. Do not let that fear prevent you from experiencing the most beautiful feelings in life.