7 Things We Wish Guys Knew Without Us Having to Tell Them

Nov 28, 2016

Men and women are inherently different. Obviously. But we women understand men without a problem, or even a thought, most days (unless we are trying to understand why they get so emotional about men in tight suits throwing a ball around on Sundays, then we might be a little lost).

But when it comes to men doing the same, they are a little hopeless. We try to teach them, but usually, their mind is out in space when we are talking. And sometimes, there are just things they will never truly understand, like these seven girl problems we face all the time:

1 Red weeks

I admit, some men are more mature and educated than others. But then you get the men that are just as clueless as a baby when it comes to woman’s cycle. (One boyfriend of mine did not even know we peed from a different place, like c’mon guys).

Men seem to only understand they need to treat us gently and give us food and chocolate to appease us while shark week is in town. But really, they will never understand the pain, the cramps, the emotional war inside us for no reason but stupid hormones, and all of the other wonderful symptoms of periods.

2 Why it takes us forever to get ready

Some women are lucky – blessed really – with natural beauty, or just the notion of not caring about how volumized your lashes look and if your brows are on fleek or not. But for the usual woman, getting ready takes years because we are so concerned about how we look.

Whether it is wanting to look beautiful for yourself, or anyone else, or just not wanting to be judged harshly by society when you step out the door, men will never understand. Plus, you have to do your winged eyeliner over like fifty times and that takes time.

3 Struggling to voice our dirty thoughts

Again, some women are not as shy about their dirty side, but most of us are too shy or too scared to voice our needs and wants because we have been so conditioned to not care about our pleasure and only think about our partner. And most of the time, telling someone they suck in bed is not an easy thing to do. But ladies, it is time. Speak up for yourself and your pleasure.

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4 That we actually do not shave every day

Surprise! We are not baby soft and perfect 24/7. We all wish we were, but ladies, do not feel bad if you are not. It is a lot of effort to get all shaved up and soft, and then it only lasts for a day. So if/when your guy gets grossed out by your leg hair, just shrug and ignore it, because he does not know the struggle and never will.

5 Why we always come off dramatic, whiny or sensitive

We are not overly dramatic or sensitive or crazy or whiny. We, ladies, are self-conscious by nature and can’t help but let our minds race to the worst possible scenario or thought every chance it gets. Men see this as annoying, of course, but we can’t help it. We try to explain, but they either ask if we are on our period or why we are so mad/sad. It is hopeless, but keep trying ladies.

6 It is okay to show your emotions, guys

As women, we are more in touch with our emotions. And some guys have learned it is okay to cry in front of us, express themselves, etc. But there are still so many that refuse to do so and understand this simple concept. I wish they would understand, but hey, none of us are perfect.

7 The little things matter

Guys always assume we want some huge declaration of love, some huge gift or surprise, but really, we just want the cute little cheesy sentiments and surprises. Pick us a flowed off the street and we will smile for days. They do not understand it, but hopefully, they will keep up with the cuteness.

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There are a million more things I could list of things we wish men would understand, but let’s give them some credit; they are trying. Guys do not function from feelings like we do, so all we can do is hope they will listen when we try to talk to them and understand us… eventually.