The Men’s Guide to Winning Women’s Respect

Jan 8, 2016

It’s hard to understand the values or feelings that help men build healthy and long-lasting relationships with their women. Famous writer Frederick Beigbeder thinks that love is a temporary feeling that lasts three years. Many of my female friends have a different point of view and believe that real love is immortal.

I’ve analyzed a great number of sociological surveys and found out that many men believe in love, but they think that love isn’t the main priority in the relationship between a man and a woman. A man among men needs his woman’s respect and does everything possible and impossible to win it.

Women’s respect is a stable thing that often puts the spark back into the relationship, especially when it seems love is taking over. Unlike love and reputation, respect can’t be built in a moment. In most cases, it takes much time and effort to prove your lady that you deserve her respect. Women believe in deeds, not words.

As highly intellectual and sensitive creatures, women also pay considerable attention to the men’s inner world and strength of fortitude. Read on and you’ll understand what masculine values, behaviors and habits will certainly give birth to a genuine respect between you and your lady.

1 Don’t humble

Women are extremely susceptible to humiliation and ungrounded criticism. Men and women are different by nature and they can’t live in absolute harmony. Sometimes it’s necessary to sort out the relationship. Manly man should always keep in mind that he has no moral right to debase and offend his woman, because she’s his dignity.

Every time you humble your woman, you automatically fall in her estimation, no matter if you’re right or not. Her subconscious mind will do everything to protect her self-esteem and dignity. When criticizing her, do it tactfully and gently. Careless words and humiliations can be a deep hurt in her heart and mind.

If you don’t want the feeling of resentment to conquer her heart, you’d better criticize and condemn her actions, words and behaviors, if necessary, but not her personality. At first, she can be super-sensitive to your remarks or criticism, but later she’ll calm down, learn a lesson from it and treat you with respect.

2 Keep your sexual experiences private

Nowadays, wide sexual experience isn’t a vice. On the contrary, it can increase your allure, masculinity and maturity. But the statistics show that sexually experienced men win women’s respect only if they keep their experiences private. If you behave like a boastful womanizer and reveal your active sexual past at every turn, you’ll never win your woman’s respect, even if you’re physically and financially strong.

Women find men’s ability to suppress sexual desires and control the reproductive energy estimable and attractive. Your reasonable reticence will intrigue your lady and help you keep the spark alive in the relationship. Furthermore, it will protect your woman from obsessive thoughts, ungrounded flashes of jealousy and anxiety. Just make her happy, be devoted and don’t breathe a word about your sexual past.

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3 Yield a point

Many men never recognize their mistakes, because they wholeheartedly believe that a real man should always stick to his guns regardless of everything. I know it’s incredibly difficult to accept your weaknesses, but you should try. This skill will make you powerful, wise and successful. Plus, you’ll win the respect of your woman and other people as well.

Women find it easier to reach mutual understanding and live in harmony with men who can yield a point in a debate. This is the quality of honest personalities who’re not afraid of the truth. As a member of the society, you should show respect for yourself and others. Women often say they’re infatuated with bad guys, however the statistics show that women fall in love and get married with manly, reasonable and responsible men.

4 Don’t keep quiet when she does a vile thing

No matter how you slice it, both men and women are sinful. Either intentionally or unintentionally, they can play nasty tricks on other people or become the accessories to various insignificant crimes. Every man, as the head of relationship/family should help his woman overcome her weaknesses. He shouldn’t only have a clear understanding of what’s good and what’s bad, but be brave enough to always nail his colors to the mast and don’t behave like a chameleon.

I conducted a survey and found out that every highly intelligent and successful woman likes brave men who behave in a noble way. Unlike fussers who close the eyes to almost everything, these men don’t keep the mouth shut when their ladies are doing or have already done a vile thing. They’ve the heart to prove their women that they’ve acted amiss. Although ladies don’t like to be criticized, your woman will know that you’re honest and respectable man.

5 Hide your weaknesses

Both men and women go through challenging life moments. The most effective support that helps us overcome difficulties and move on is compassion from the dearest and nearest. If you want to win your woman’s respect, you should first of all accept the fact that weeping on your woman’s shoulder is a really bad idea.

No matter how hard it gets, you should grit your teeth and behave as if everything is okay. Women respect men who solve the problems instead of going to pieces and plunging into depression. While emotion suppression is a dangerous thing, sometimes it’s good to sacrifice something for the sake of respect of your woman. If your heart is full of deep-seated emotions, consider going to the gym and work out until you feel the lightness inside of you.

6 Respect yourself

It’s incredibly difficult to respect people who don’t respect themselves. This world is full of personalities who pamper their own carcasses, love themselves, satisfy their needs and do everything, but don’t respect themselves. Respecting yourself doesn’t mean only praising yourself all the time and thinking that you’re perfect, though.

If you really want to learn how to respect yourself and be respected by others, you should always try to do right things regardless of everything. Furthermore, it’s necessary to be honest and diligent in everything you do. As soon as you start respecting yourself and become a better person, you’ll win your woman’s heart, love and respect with ease.

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7 Be a pro

Recent studies claim that women respect professionalism more than men. They usually give preference to self-confident men who can work miracles and do many things professionally. They believe that if a man becomes a professional in a certain field, then it automatically means that he’s an alpha male and the one who knows how to reach goals.

Develop some extraordinary skills that will enrapture your woman and help you look like a pro in her eyes. For example, you can learn juggling bottles, doing little tricks with the ice, twanging a guitar or whistling like a bird. No matter what you do, the main thing is how you do it. Women love men who entertain them and make a smile appear on their faces.

8 Don’t raise your voice to her

A great number of people mistakenly believe that shouting and aggression are the symbols of power that help manly men handle difficult situations and achieve desirable results. If to dig a little bit deeper, we’ll find out that a habit of shouting is a sign of weakness. People often use this psychological defense mechanism when they fear to lose control of the situation.

Yes, sometimes shouting can come in handy at work or help you blow some steam off and release suppressed negative emotions during your training in the gym, but it has many disadvantages as well. Shouting is the thing that poisons people’s lives, relationships and reputations. Women detest men who raise the voices to them, trying to lower their self-esteem. Mentally tough men don’t shout at all. If you want to be loved and respected by your woman, you should forget about shouting and learn other effective conflict resolution techniques.

9 Don’t be fussy

One more thing that steals men’s manliness and makes them look stupid in the eyes of women is baby talking. Every man should keep in mind that talking in a squeaky voice is peculiar to women. Men can use such voices for entertainment only, but do it rarely. If you do it often, your behavior may evoke your woman’s maternal instinct and compassion. These feelings are wonderful and warm, but they have little in common with respect.

If you don’t want these stereotypes to change her attitude toward you, it’s necessary to realize that every man should sound, behave and act like a man. But don’t run to extremes, because drastic changes in your behavior and mindset can put your woman on her guard.

Today, it’s possible to buy many things, facilities and amusements, but the values like pure love, friendship and women’s respect will always be fashionable, prioritized and unpurchasable. I can state with confidence that every man on the planet has a cherished dream to win his woman’s affection and respect. I hope my pieces of advice will help them make their cherished dream come true. Do you agree that women’s respect is as important as love?