5 Women’s Habits That Rob Men of Manliness

May 8, 2023

Every lady has a dream to build a strong and healthy relationship with a handsome and manly guy. Many of them don’t realize that dating a self-sufficient and real man is not an easy thing because it requires constant development, motion and mutual respect.

Manliness is the key trait of a men’s nature. These men are used to compete, fight, win, and do manly things. Women have always been trying to turn a lion into an obedient and harmless cat. From their point of view, a married man should wave goodbye to friends, hobbies and dedicate almost ALL their time to the family. Unfortunately, ladies still believe that it will help them build a happy family union and avoid fights or the breach of faith. I think that neither kids nor beauty can prevent a manly husband from divorce, if you rob him of freedom, manliness and don’t give him breathe in a gulp of fresh air. Everything depends on his temperament, but his patience isn’t made of rubber. If your love is pure and infinite, he’ll swallow the pride from time to time in hope to save your relationship.

As a result, your man will either become a spineless creature or bang on the table with his fist and erupt like a volcano, because obedience is not a man’s pair of shoes. I hope this article will help you understand that women’s habits can kill men’s manliness and make all the members of your family miserable.

1 Taking total control over his life

Women are mega-active and extremely curious creatures by nature. They usually do their best to succeed in everything they’re interested in. When they get married, they shift their focus to their men’s lives. They analyze their lifestyles and try to take control of every step made by their significant others. As far as I know, men cannot imagine a happy married life without personal space and trust. At least two or three hours a day they need to feel temporary freedom, digest thoughts and make the right life decisions. Men usually become angry when women stick their noses into their affairs.

It’s very difficult to get rid of destructive habits, but if you really love your guy and want him to be the model of manly strength till the end of life, you should give in, because you’re a lovely woman, not a tyrant. You should always keep the phrase “Mind Your Business” in mind. This technique will help you rid yourself of this annoying habit and improve the quality of your family life.

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2 Trying to become as strong and powerful as men

Though men and women are absolutely equal in their rights, modern women try to be dominated in many spheres of life. They refuse to follow old school rules and principles set by their ancestors, because being a shy, womanly and tender lady isn’t prestigious anymore. The new priorities of many women today are money, prestige, dominance and power. It seems this world turned upside down.

Not long ago my best friend bought the same model of BMW like her husband already had. When I asked her why she decided to choose such a big and high-powered car, she told me that she was fond of strength and speed. She didn’t agree that big cars were the toys of strong and manly guys. I’m sure that it’s bad when women lose their femininity and prefer to behave like boys. There’s no need to break the fundamental laws of nature. Women are born to behave like ladies and men are born to be real men.

3 Reforming his character

No matter how you slice it, it’s almost impossible to change the character of an adult male, but women still wholeheartedly believe that they’ll achieve a desirable result regardless of everything. But how can a woman reform the character of manly and self-sufficient man? One of the most effective and popular ways to do it is emotional blackmail. Even strong and sober-minded men are ready to do everything for the sake of their princesses. If your habit of nagging your husband is stronger than your love, then you’ll probably win the battle. You should remember that living according to only your rules and traditions will gradually throw your significant other off balance and make him the most miserable person in the world.

4 Taming and restraining men

It’s hard to believe but women fall in love with manly, fearless and interesting men, but a bit later prefer to get married and cohabit with henpecked husbands. Why do women dream of clipping their husbands’ wings? Sure, the main reason is the fear to lose their loved ones. Actually, it has a lot of pros and cons.

Your life becomes easier, if you know that your passive and predictable significant other is sitting at home and playing with kids. You don’t have to worry about his extreme hobbies and interests. But very soon, such a life will fill the heart of your lion with sorrow and despondency. I can state with assurance that a relationship where the rights and opportunities of partners are limited for one or another reason have the lowest chances for survival. Both spouses should cooperate and communicate with their friends and family members, because marriage is not a prison, but a happy union.

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5 Making steep demands

Statistics prove that nowadays every man dreams of gradually turning his woman into a queen, while every woman dreams of finding an already wise, strong, courageous and wealthy king. The desire to live in prosperity and feel yourself completely comfortable and secured is a normal thing. Women should be careful of the words they say, because offensive phrases can hurt men’s soul more than swords.

Psychologists advise women to avoid any dangerous words, such as loser, because they can break men’s confidence and manliness into pieces. Try to reach your common goals together and never blame him for the failures and issues that sometimes take place in your family life. Motivate your dear knight in shining armor – you’re the main source of inspiration to him.

Every successful and wise lady appreciates manliness in her man, because this trait is an essential part of their love and family happiness. Try to take control of your habits and realize that the dream to tame your man can break a relationship, because dignity and freedom are the top priorities to men. Do you know any other habits that can steal men’s masculinity?