7 Reasons to Forget about Guys When Hanging Out with Girls

All girls like to discuss their secrets and crushes with each other, since childhood. But once the teen times go away and everyone experiences those first “I love you” and “We need to break up,” life changes a lot and it’s better to keep your tongue between your teeth. Of course, you have truly reliable friends who you trust, but don’t share your relationship details with them. You probably know that gossips can ruin any long-term relationship. You don’t have to be one of those ladies who neglect their friends for the sake of love, though. Just make a rule to avoid talking about guys when you hang out with your girls to save your relationship and friendships at the same time. Treat your friends and your boyfriend equally whatever you do together.

1 Let’s go on a date, my girls can wait

If you treat friendship like this, it`s actually not approved. In fact, you can meet your guy more frequently than your best friends. We spend almost all the time with our boyfriends and since all those “grown up things” like work, own family and serious relationship appear in our life, it becomes harder to pay enough attention to everyone who loves us. Therefore, you should take a small break from dating and hang out with your girls a bit.

2 Time flies so think twice

Now that the childhood is in your past, life becomes more and more changeable. You get a job, visit different places, get acquainted with interesting people, and grow as a person quickly. All these things are worth talking about with your girls. See, time runs away from you and talking about guys only isn`t everything you can do with your girls.

3 Your phone isn’t your interlocutor

Even the most wonderful conversation can be destroyed by a ringtone of your phone. If you respect yourself and those people you call friends, do everyone a favor and switch off the phone while you`re hanging out with girls. You don’t see your friends each day so there`s no place for long conversations with someone you see every single day, right?

4 What’s at home should stay at home

The man you love gradually becomes a part of your daily grind. He`s not as annoying and boring as an office paper work, for instance, and he really brings most of positive emotions in your life but he becomes, more or less, usual. Now, why do you want to hang out with girls? I guess, not because you want to talk about something ordinary. That`s why you should better leave your guy and problems at home, and talk about something more interesting instead.

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5 Sharing grief will make you a thief

When you hang out with girls, you all want to relax, have fun and boost each other`s moods, right? Do you really think that they want to discuss your relationship`s issues? Realize that those rare occasions when you can enjoy a friendly group of people who`re close to you, deserve more positive topics to be talked about. Furthermore, everyone has almost the same problems with guys and talking about them won`t make your day or night exciting or relaxing. Sharing grief will make you a thief who steals your friends` time.

6 Serious problem requires a serious approach

You may feel really terrible after an intensive fight with your boyfriend. You probably want to share your feelings with your friends, but are you sure they will help you to solve your relationship problem? When a couple faces a problem, they are the only ones who are able to fix it. After all, you never know how girls treat your guy indeed so there`s no need to share your boyfriend drama with them.

7 Learn more about the one you already know

Your besties seem to be those very people you know everything about because you`ve already covered a lot of ground. You`re practically cut from the same cloth and you probably remember those times when all of you played with dolls and watched cartoons together. However, people change with time and you are no exception. Same goes to your friends. Sometimes life brings completely unexpected changes and you never know which turn is right and which one is wrong. There may be something you`d be amazed to hear from your friends so better ask them about their lives and tell about the changes in your own person but not about your relationship only.

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Even though, having a strong relationship with a real man is a part of woman`s happiness, it also brings lots of difficult moments. Most girls call each other as soon as they have a fight with their soul mate to spill out all negativity. It`s partially okay, but when you plan to spend a night with friends, it shouldn`t be a night of the problems you had with men last week. You meet your ladies to exchange fresh emotions you get when life shows its all power, and to inspire each other. Talk about art, cinema, travel, literature, music, hobbies, interests, whatever. This list is endless but there`re no men in it. Don`t waste your time discussing the relationships’ issues. Do you think talking about guys when hanging out with girls is a good thing?