8 Things That Make Quiet Women Smarter

Women who talk a lot and have well developed speaking skills usually seem to be smarter than those who keep quiet and listen instead. We think that if a woman talks, she has something to say and it makes her more intelligent. However, it`s not always so. A quiet girl has lots of advantages in comparison with a talkative one. These women think more than they talk and when others speak just for the sake of speaking, they educate themselves by reading and analyzing. There are many more things that make quiet women more intelligent and here are the best ones.

1 They give the brain time to relax

One of the main things that makes quiet women smarter is the way their brain works. While girls with talkative nature make the brain work non-stop, those who say less give it some time to relax and rearrange everything. Look, if you talk, talk and talk all the time, it takes lots of energy and you practically have no time to renew the “operating system” inside of your head. But if you take a break from talking, it refreshes your thoughts and you start analyzing things instead of simply looking at them.

2 They aren’t shy – they’re introverted

Introverts are the smartest people on the planet. As a rule, they become great scientists and professors. Shyness and introversion are different things. Shy people are afraid to be judged by others but introverted ones just like to be in their own beautiful world of thinking. They may seem to be lonely because they spend too much time reading books but it doesn`t mean that they don`t like to be in a circle of friends. They have different preferences in life and that`s it.

3 They don’t speak – they think instead

Quiet women just have no time to talk. They prefer thinking. They lead an “inside dialog” in their heads and it makes them smarter and sometimes they even go too far. When they want to ask something, the answer suddenly emerges in their mind and they continue keeping silent. They have an endless exciting conversation with themselves and they`re actually happy with this fact.

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4 They read and write more than speak

Reading is the thing almost every quiet woman loves most of all. They spend hours in libraries and read piles of books there. They also like to make personal notes so that they don’t forget different important things because when you get so many information every day, it becomes hard to remember everything. These notes often become world famous literature or the latest inventions. Reading and writing are another traits of quiet women that make them ingenious.

5 They notice the things others miss

Talkative women are mostly focused on their speech and on themselves. It prevents them from realizing that there are more interesting things in this world them their own person. Those who keep silent can notice the things others miss because they`re not engaged in themselves as it may seem. Even though they are self-centered, they think about the world in general and can see various aspects of life in more details.

6 They work when others speak

Quiet women work all the time as their brain always produces fabulous ideas. They don`t take a break for chattering like other people do. When you speak, you don`t create. You just let people know what you think but it`s not necessary if you actually have nothing exciting to say. Talkative women do nothing useful but chat, while quiet individuals make their brains work and are busy with solving their inner questions on their own.

7 They think carefully before they speak

Chattering women often say nonsense as they rarely think before they speak. They love talking and don’t always pay attention to the value of their words. A quiet woman will never tell you everything she has in mind. She would rather choose her brilliant words in extremely careful way and only then speak. No matter what she says, she does it in the best way she can.

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8 They are good listeners

The most intelligent individuals tend to be perfect listeners. They absorb all the available information and turn it into knowledge. Chatterboxes often ignore the most important things they hear because they speak even when it`s time to listen. Such amazing listening skills help quiet women to boost the success of their self-education and it makes them smarter than others.

These things make quiet women smarter than talkative ones. If you`re a quiet introverted individual, you don`t need to suffer from having no desire to support useless conversation. You just don`t need it because you have much more important things to do. You love to educate yourself and it makes you more intelligent every day of your life. You don`t waste time for chattering as you know it`s not worth it. No doubt, these traits deserve to be proud of. What other advantages of quiet women do you know?