10 Warning Signs You’re in a Toxic Friendship

If you start feeling that something`s wrong between you and your friend, it’s best to check out if you’re in a toxic friendship as soon as possible. Toxic friends negatively affect your health and success. Keeping a toxic friend in your life is a huge mistake, even if you know them from childhood. They shred your self-esteem and, whether intentionally or not, ruin your entire life. There are situations where you should better say goodbye to people who don’t respect you but first take a look at these warning signs to make sure that your friendship is truly unhealthy…

1 They’re taking advantage of you

Do they take your help for granted? They often ask for help but are always busy to help you. Even though it`s selfish to think about getting something in return, you can’t be the only one who’s ready to help. True friends always try to cheer you up and inspire you to achieve your goals, and they appreciate you and your help. Therefore if you feel like they`re using you, be sure that this friendship is unhealthy.

2 They focus attention mainly on themselves

Do you have a friend who has a so-called “me, me, and me syndrome”? They crave attention and feel jealous when someone doesn’t notice them. You may think you are good friends but do you really need such a friendship? They envy your success and secretly hate you. All they want is prove that they are better than you. It’s hard to deal with envious friends, and I don’t see any reasons to save your friendship.

3 They never accept their mistakes

Does your friend take responsibility for what they do? This is important as it shows how serious they are indeed. You don`t want to have an irresponsible friend who never accepts their mistakes. They love to point out your mistakes instead, and do it with a great pleasure. We all make mistakes but not all of us are brave enough to admit them.

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4 They treat you like you’re their property

If your friend is trying to take control of your life and don`t want you to spend your free time with someone else except them, it’s a warning sign you are in a toxic friendship. They treat you like you’re their property and get angry when you refuse to do what they want. You want to be free thus why do you need a friend that takes your freedom away?

5 They gossip

Toxic friends will do anything possible to ruin your life. They will do their best to help you break up with your partner and end any other friendship. You may believe in their sincerity, without noticing they are slowly spoiling your life. They tell others how bad you are and divulge your secret once you tell them. They won’t forget to mention all your faults and mistakes to make an impression that they`re better than you.

6 They can’t accept you the way you are

When they can`t accept you the way you are, it means you have an unhealthy friendship. No matter what you do, a toxic friend is always dissatisfied. They dislike your career choice, your boyfriend, your hairstyle and everything concerning you. When you hear a negative criticism only, achieving any goal seems impossible. Love yourself and avoid spending time with those who don’t accept you the way you are. You don’t need their pointless advice and constant criticism.

7 Anyone to help me?

When something bad happens in your life, true friends are always there to help you. If your friend disappears suddenly and doesn’t call or text you back, it’s an obvious sign they don’t care about you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. If there’s no one to help you, reconsider your friend list and get rid of those who take advantage of you.

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8 They use your money

Do you often lend money to your friend? That`s not a problem if they give it back and you don’t have to remind them about their debt. The worst thing is when your friend has a job and earns enough money to live a good life but still makes you pay for everything every now and then. Don’t let anyone to use your money. You work hard to get your paycheck so make sure you spend it on people who really deserve it.

9 They`re manipulative

Toxic friends love to accuse and manipulate. They don’t care about your happiness like true friends do. They tell you how you should live your life and what you have to get rid of. Toxic friends can do anything to get what they want. If you feel like your friend is trying to manipulate you, it’s time to have a frank talk and let them know that you live your life however you want.

10 They`re ruining your relationship

Whether your friend is single or is in a long-term relationship, they may want to see you miserable. If you are happy in your relationship, there’s always a friend who wants to ruin your happiness. If you notice that your friend is trying to control your relationship and get closer to your partner, it’s a red flag. Say goodbye to them until your partner doesn’t say goodbye to you.

Toxic friendship can bring a lot of misery into your life. When your friend is too nice to you, it should raise an eyebrow or two. Don`t be so kind – if you don`t like the way someone treats you, or if you notice your friend prevents you from following your dreams, it’s time to say bye to them. Do you think you are in a toxic friendship?