7 Peaceful Ways to Protect Yourself from Toxic People

Unfortunately, it is easy to feel like toxic people are almost everywhere in your life. Your toxic reaction to these people can easily cast a spell on your mood. Consequently, you may give way to anger, sadness and complaints. You should take charge of defending yourself and do something to get rid of discomfort caused by the time spent with people who are constantly guzzling your life energy. I think it’s necessary to find all possible ways to avoid negative people, because you may lose the chance to live happily and enjoy life. If you let their negativity get to you, you’ll have a risk to lose your optimistic outlook. They can even erode your inner world and your sense of self-worth. Read on to find out a few pieces of advice on how to protect yourself from people who let you down.

1 Enjoy your free time without negative people

If your life is full of negative and toxic people then you should draw a line between time spent with them and your own time. When you set boundaries with them, you’ll have more time to do things you enjoy and save your energy. It’s a good idea to replace a coffee time together with a toxic person with your favorite activity. The less time you spend with those who blow your mind, the more benefit you’ll get.

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2 Change your pastime

It often happens that toxic people are hunting you even when you use your accounts on social networks. They write you negative messages and share the info that is sucking the energy out of you. It is easy to notice their pictures and posts when you scroll down your news list. Many social network websites offer different functions which help you block or unfriend those who prevent you from getting a peace of mind. If you cannot follow this advice according to various reasons, then you should try to make your pastime more productive. Those who don’t waste time on social networks have a more interesting and colorful life.

3 Stop spending one-on-one time with toxic people

You should always keep in mind that it’s extremely dangerous to spend one-on-one time with toxic people, because they will have an opportunity to saturate you with their problems and choric negativity. Try to have some backup while communicating with the toxic person. Other people will draw this person’s attention away from you and it can help you focus on something positive and funny. Surround yourself with positive people as often as possible.

4 Talk about something positive

If you are talking to a toxic person then you’d better take an initiative to lead the conversation. Try to avoid topics which can make the conversation tensed and unpleasant. Try to talk about positive things to lighten the mood of the whole company. It may take you some time to develop the skill to lead a pleasant conversation under the emotional pressure of toxic people. But, you’ll be able to handle the situation and stay positive.

5 Don’t listen to their complaints

Many toxic people are the source of complaints. They try to find someone to complain about troubles of their life and about all negative things in the world. It is easy to be bogged down in the spiral of negativity, if you are surrounded by those who breed negativity. The only weapon that can help you defend your energy is a positive mental attitude. Toxic people prefer to steer clear of those who think differently and don’t support their negative outlook.

6 Don’t let their negativity damage your sub-consciousness

When you are surrounded by people who fill your life with their negativity, you should take certain actions to protect your inner world. Their constant hurtful words can easily diminish your confidence. Stop listening to their complaints, because this negativity can sink into your subconscious mind and damage both your mental and physical well-being. Then it will be difficult to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

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7 Agree with them

I know that it’s difficult to prove toxic people that they are wrong. But what for? There’s no need to kill your nerves in arguments with them. The best thing you can do is to agree with them, but do everything on your own way. Just say “ok” or “I see.” It will protect you from negative attacks and reduce the frequency of quarrels and confrontations.

We live in a huge multicultural society that’s full of both positive and toxic people. If you want to be an all-rounded and successful person, you should develop the skills on how to deal with toxic people. If possible, try to remove toxic people from your life and create a new circle of contacts. Find those people who will lift you up and challenge you to be better. How do you deal with toxic people? Share your tips with us please.