Why Hanging Out with Judgmental People Is Actually Great

Have you ever noticed how judgmental people are only ever popular with other judgmental people? Positive, open-minded folks just do щ’t have time for their bad vibes. Unless we are confined in a small space with a judgmental person, our first option would probably be to get as far away from them as possible. And for the most part, that is probably the best thing to do.

But what about that rumored silver lining to be found in every cloud? Is there something good to be gleaned from interactions with a judgmental person? Here are a few positives to focus on.

They make you take the Meta view

The easiest way to not get dragged into a petty exchange with a judgmental person is to rise above the situation and look at the bigger picture. Our gut reaction to being judged is probably to defend ourselves, put our walls up, and even to judge that person back.

If you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you will probably notice other things at play in this exchange. More than likely the person judging you is insecure themselves and just trying to deflect the attention away and onto you instead.

Taking the Meta view is a great way to deal with life in general. Rather than focusing on all the small problems in your immediate view, the world makes much more sense when you step back and see with greater perspective.

Although the judgmental person in your life did not intend to teach you a valuable trick, take it. There is usually a silver lining in a raincloud. Life just gave you a perspective shift, and that is awesome.

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They highlight those things you were trying to ignore

You know those things about yourself that you would just rather ignore? Well, a judgmental person is going to focus on your little character flaws. If you were to stoop to their level, you could easily point out that they are merely projecting, as nobody is perfect and they too have plenty of bugs that need fixing.

But of course, you are not going to stoop to their level. You can certainly rise above it. But you could also take just a moment or two to consider the ‘flaw’ that they are judging you for. Yes, it might sting a little to hear it. But if it does sting, is it something you are not particularly proud of? Maybe there is a little personal development opportunity here to outgrow a bad habit, or to level up in some way.

You see how ugly judgment is, and you stop doing it

As much as we want to be kind and awesome people, all of us struggle at times. None of us are totally judgment-free and accepting of everyone. We are human after all. When you observe a judgmental person you probably find what you see to be ugly.

You probably see a lack of compassion and kindness, and a mean-spirited person. Wait… Are you judging too? You see how easy it is? So take the life lesson here to be patient with people. We are all capable of being judgmental from time to time. We are not perfect and we can be fragile.

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If you can remember to take the high road when someone is judging you, they will either follow your good example, or they will get bored and move on. Either way, you do not need to be dragged down by it. Be kind, be open, and keep your chin up.