9 Things to Do to Become a Better Person

Mar 21, 2014

Everybody wants to become a better person, but many of us don’t know how. Life is not easy and we often make mistakes we don’t want to do. But I think everyone deserves respect no matter what, and everyone can become a better person. If you really want it, you can change yourself and your habits by taking a few little steps described below.

1 Forgive everyone

The first step to becoming a better person is forgiveness. This can be a difficult one, but by learning to forgive everyone, your life will become much easier and happier. First of all, you should forgive your parents. Everybody has some scars from their childhood, even if they’re raised by wonderful parents, and perhaps you are no exception. Remember it was in the past and you live in the present so let go of those past childhood hurts and you will feel much better. No parent is ideal. They have never raised kids before, and sometimes they’re learning as well as growing with their kids.