5 Signs Your Soul Is Craving an Emotional Diet

May 29, 2016

I was recently asked for the tips for calming down the soul and attract serenity into the life. I often write about different types of diets and healthy meal plans our bodies need. As it turns out, our souls need some sort of diet as well.

Sometimes, it is easy to feel totally consumed by stress, problems, disappointments and love troubles. An emotional diet can help you get comfortable with your inner state of mind and improve your overall life. Here are the signs your soul is craving an emotional diet.

1 You consume too much junk emotions

Feel like your emotional nutrition intake is miserable and you need to boost your intake of healthy emotions? This is one of the most alarming signs your soul is craving an emotional diet.

Eliminate all of the junk emotions, such as jealousy, anger, hatred, resentment and fear, from your life to make your soul smile with no reason. Healthy emotions like optimism, gratitude, joy and love, will help you bring a little happiness into your life.

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2 Your environment is draining

Think about it. People that surround you can either inspire and motivate you or bring you down and drain your energy. When your environment is draining, your soul is suffering. No matter who brings you down, try to limit the time you spend with them or get rid of them for good. Your environment should nourish your soul and mind, not challenge them.

3 You suffer from buzzing deja vu

The Pew Research Center shows that 67% of smartphone users check their ‘smart buddies’ even when they are not buzzing. What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up in the morning? What do you do when you feel bored, stressed, depressed or happy? Can you imagine spending an hour without your phone? If you are too addicted to your mobile device, no wonder your soul craves an emotional diet.

4 You create the invisible walls

Here is the tough truth: an introverted person creates the invisible ‘walls’ while an extroverted one destroys all the boundaries. Both of them commit a mistake. Maintaining healthy boundaries with people is essential for your soul.

If you create the walls and do not let anyone stay in your life, you are more likely to emotionally exhaust yourself. You cannot be alone all the time. Stop creating those walls and let others be here for you when you really need it.

On the contrary, if you are an extrovert who allow others to control your life because you have trouble maintaining healthy boundaries, they can affect your soul health. Sticking to an emotional diet means learning to build boundaries that will not affect your emotional health.

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5 You never check nutritional content of the relationships

Fair enough? Who cares about the labels when we love someone? However, the breakup level is more than just high – it is enormously high. Unrequited love, betrayal, toxic relationships, painful breakups and divorces and many other negative things connected with the relationships can affect your emotional health.

Just like junk foods taste amazing but lead to a number of health issues, some relationships can make you happy for a while but then lead to pain, hatred, depressions and even suicide. If a relationship – be it with your partner, friend or parent – makes you feel physically and emotionally drained, it is time to switch to an emotional diet.

A healthy diet makes my body slim and happy, while an emotional diet makes my soul smile on a daily basis. Diets are not bad at all when you make the right choice. If your soul is suffering, an emotional diet is a healthy way to heal it. Have you ever tried to go on an emotional diet? Feel free to share your experiences with us.