7 Fantastic Yoga Trends to Try in 2015

Oct 24, 2022

Whether you are a professional yogi or you are new to it, there are a few yoga and meditation trends you will want to try in 2015. A regular yoga practice helps improve your physical and mental state, promote weight loss, and enhance your beauty. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, and can help you achieve piece of mind in a jiff. In 2015, give yoga and meditation a try to have the healthiest year ever.

1 Sound healing

If you often suffer from anxiety, consider sound healing. It’s very powerful and invigorating. Sound healing helps alter consciousness, fight stress, and create a great sense of peace. Regular practice of sound healing techniques will help you feel a surprising change in your mind’s center. Plus, it will help you learn how to tackle life’s problems faster and with less stress.

2 Reiki

Developed in the early 20th century as an energy healing modality, reiki is an easy way to relax and re-energize your body. It’s believed to improve almost all aspects of life. Reiki can also help emotional trauma. It’s easily learned and practiced and it doesn’t require lots of efforts. Boost your energy and activity levels by practicing reiki on a regular basis in 2015.

3 Underwater yoga

One of my favorite yoga trends that I’m going to try in 2015 is underwater yoga diving. While it’s a bit harder to practice, you will reap all its healing benefits and enjoy diving at the same time. When doing underwater lotus pose, you will feel like you float in water like a beautiful flower. As an added bonus, you will see many wonderful under-the-sea creatures. Just make sure you don’t practice underwater yoga alone, remember safety first!

4 Office yoga

Busy schedules and sedentary lifestyle can wreck havoc on your health and can even reduce your lifespan. A sedentary lifestyle can also lead to high stress levels and serious depression. Although it’s not easy to practice yoga right at your desk, try to find a few exercises that you can do during your lunch break. You will improve your posture, boost your energy and productivity, and live a longer, healthier life.

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5 Kids yoga

Who said yoga is for adults only? Your child can practice yoga too. A regular yoga practice will help your child succeed in school and improve their overall health. Yoga will also help your children develop healthy habits and achieve higher life goals with a little effort. Nowadays there are many yoga programs for kids, but if you are good at yoga, you can practice it together at home.

6 Live music yoga

If you want to deepen your yoga practice and reduce your stress levels, consider trying live music yoga. Nowadays more and more yoga studios start incorporating live music, Kirtan and even DJs into yoga classes. You can add some live music to your yoga practice as well. It may be difficult at first, but you will notice the difference down the road.

7 Restorative yoga

If you are a super active person who can’t sit a minute doing nothing, restorative yoga may not be for you. But I highly recommend you to give it a try. Restorative yoga uses lots of props, including blankets, eye pillows, bolsters and straps, and require you to stay in poses longer than usual. When I tried restorative yoga for the first time, I didn’t like it since it seemed so boring. But I didn’t stop practicing. Today every time I have a stressful day, I always opt for restorative yoga that leaves me nourished, relaxed and well rested.

Yoga boasts many health benefits and it’s often an overlooked way to relax and revitalize the body and mind. While it’s always best to attend yoga classes, if you can’t afford them, consider practicing your favorite yoga poses at home. Don’t opt for difficult poses, though. You don’t want to get injured instead of feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. What yoga trends do you want to try in 2015? How often do you practice yoga? If you know any other yoga trends, please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for new yoga poses.