4 Reasons I Respect Everyone, Even My Enemies

I have been a woman of principle for many years. On the one hand I found it a very good quality that helped me keep my dignity; on the other hand, it was difficult to deal with people, because I couldn’t respect those whom I disliked, especially my enemies. That trait of character made me burn already existent bridges and lose opportunities to make new acquaintances. I didn’t know what to do that’s why I tried to talk to a wise man about my problem. I visited my grandpa and asked him for a valuable advice on how to tame my temper and start treating this world with respect. He told me that the problem was inside me. It was impossible and pointless to run away from myself.

After a considerable reflection on my life, I decided to advance my mindset, and made respect my new priority. It was difficult to change myself at first, but I did it, because I knew that work at self-improvement was not an easy thing. It cost me a great deal of effort and time. Since I’ve prioritized respect, I noticed many positive changes in my life.

I think that respect is a powerful tool to deal with my enemies. Moreover, tensed relationships with enemies help me grow and develop that makes me more mature and knowledgeable. My respect is both my weapon and defense. It doesn’t give my enemies a chance to hurt my feelings, because they lack reasons to do it.

Nowadays many people cannot realize this little, but significant truth. They waste nerves and time, feeling hatred and harboring a grudge against others. Negative thinking and destructive emotions usually bring sufferings and misery. I think that the sooner people admit and realize this truth, the quicker they’ll learn to live with this world in accord. I hope my life experiences will help you improve your life.

Respect is Not a Sign of Weakness

For a quite long period of time, different hesitations about respect captured my mind. I was not used to yield or follow one’s tastes. I thought that my respect towards enemies would show that I wasn’t strong enough. Now I understand that I was mistaken.

My respect doesn’t make me obliged to somebody. When I feel complete antipathy towards my enemies, I try to stay cold and emotionally neutral. I believe that with the help of respect people can handle every situation. It’s a great pleasure for me to communicate with people and have relationships built on common respect. They make me feel confident and contented.

I know that real weakness is to give way to negative emotions all the time and hurt everyone on your way. It’s important to start thinking efficiently. If you cannot respect others, then you should start from yourself.

Every time I tried to understand myself, I noticed that I was my own worst enemy. Step by step, I began treating myself with respect and when I became an absolutely confident person, I reflected the feeling of respect on others, even on my enemies.

I Become More Experienced

Enemies like other life difficulties are wonderful teachers. Everyone knows that people can exert either positive or negative influence on each other. Unfortunately, we tend to focus more on negative experiences than on positive life surprises. Consequently, we learn more lessons from unsuccessful situations.

Without a doubt, nobody wants me to get into a trap like my enemies do. I know it and I try to be more careful and tactful in my actions and words. In other words, enemies motivate me to develop without breaks in order to win the race. I’ve met a lot of people who were even grateful to their enemies, because one day they had helped them reach their goals.

The same thing has happened to me a few times. My former foreign language teacher was a private enemy of mine. She was an extremely exigent and strict teacher who made me and my groupmates learn languages in a proper way. We studied a lot of information day and night trying to achieve positive results. It seemed that in those moments of despair my hatred for that teacher was limitless. Today I’ve replaced this hatred by the feeling of gratitude. I’m greatly thankful to her for everything she had done for me. When I travel around the world, I can freely use my skills and communicate with people from foreign countries. This life story proved me that my worst enemies can be good teachers. Now I’m sure that having enemies isn’t a bad thing, because there’re many advantages and disadvantages of it.

Respect is the Best World Currency

Respect is one of the most important human values that will never be replaced by money or something else. People usually spend much time searching for respect in order to build a good reputation.

Wherever you’ll go and whatever you’ll do, you should never forget about respect. This wondrous value can provide you many chances and opportunities. People’s hearts are open to those who treat them with love and respect.

My workmate always says that if people fear somebody, they’ll respect them. I do not agree with this idea, because only weak and cruel people build artificial respect based on fear and violence. Obedience and respect have something in common, but they’re different. Obedience can be reached by threats and intimidations. Respect can exist only in the relationships built on mutual understanding and benevolence. I think that companies that set respect as the main priority in their regular personnel usually succeed more often than those who use fear and lies.

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Respect Destroys Enemies

I have always tried to find the way to get rid of my enemies. Frankly speaking, I haven’t found it yet, but I’ve noticed an interesting thing. We are living in a civilized world where people should cooperate with each other. That’s why it’s necessary to find civilized ways to deal with enemies legally.

Not long ago I’ve understood that the only way to get rid of my enemies is to make them my friends. I know that I can make friends with many people, because I’m an easy going person. The only problem is to develop a personalized approach to everyone. If I cannot make friends with them, I prefer just to stay in good relationships, because I’m not used to swallow my pride and I’ll never sacrifice my dignity. Sometimes it happens that my respectful treatment makes my enemies change their attitude towards me and they are often ready to go the extra mile for me.

Respect is an essential part of my life. This precious value helps me to live my life in a greater peace and balance. Respect supports me in reaching goals and makes my life easier. I prefer to use enemies to my advantage, because they’re my teachers and inspiration to move on and develop. I hope you learnt a good lesson from this little article and I hope you realize that respect is the choice of highly strong and confident people. What is respect for you? Do you treat your enemies and rivals with respect? Share your thoughts with us, please.