8 Yoga Apps to Become an Expert Yogi in 2016

Jan 13, 2016

Since all of us experience stress at some point in our lives, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to cope with excessive stress and anxiety. Some turn to alcohol and drugs, while others continue suffering from stress-related diseases. Everyone has their own methods.

Yoga has been shown to fight stress and relieve anxiety, but not everyone can afford to take yoga classes. There’s always some excuse like, “I don’t have money or time.” The awesome news is that you don’t need to go anywhere and spend money. All you need is your smartphone and one of these incredible yoga apps.

1 Daily Yoga

One of the best yoga apps that I love is the Daily Yoga app. Why do I consider it one of the best? Because it features 7 yoga plans, a large library of over 50 yoga classes and more than 500 workout poses, complete with relaxing background music and high quality HD video.

This app is perfect for both beginners and professionals. It’s totally free. When completing a yoga workout, you can share calories burned along with workout duration to Apple’s Health app. There are some in-app purchases to get an unlimited access to all premium features of the app.