8 Awesome Apps for Instagram Addicts

Jul 2, 2020

Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media apps that has won the hearts of many people. Celebrities and ordinary people spend hours each day and night refreshing Instagram, trying to be the most popular users. There are many wonderful apps for Instagram out there that can help to improve your pictures and make them look more unique.

With these Insta apps, you can literally do tons of fun things to your insta pictures and become more popular than ever.

1 Facetune


Have severe acne? Scars or wrinkles? Other skin problems? The Facetune app will help you photoshop yourself to perfection!

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You can hide your skin problems, brighten those annoying dark circles under the eyes, whiten your teeth, widen and enhance your smile, change your eye color, remove stray hair, color over your grey hair, reshape your nose, improve your makeup, add special effects, create filters, and do lots of other things to make you look like a Hollywood star. Although you’ll have to pay $3.99, this app is worth your money.