10 Instagram Pastel Hair Ideas for Summer 2016

Pastel hair trend is not for everyone, yet many girls and guys dye their hair pastel colors when the summer comes. With a variety of colors, though, it is not easy to choose what hue will suit you best.

Be it a pastel lavender, pink, blue or green, it will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Pinterest and Instagram are chock-full of pastel hair ideas. While I usually rely on Pinterest, today I’m going to give Instagram a try. Let’s see what pastel hair colors are popular there.

1 The unicorn look

Want to do an art project on your head? Unicorn hair is right for you. It looks complicated, but is actually quite simple. If you are going to dye your hair at home, keep in mind that it is very messy, so be careful not to dye your entire bathroom or room. I love this Instagram idea, though I am not sure this unicorn hair will match my style.

2 Pastel green

There are many pastel green hues and the ways to dye your hair, but I love this rooty mint green hair. It looks bold and feminine at the same time, making it a great pastel hair choice for the office. Of course, if your boss will not mind. The best part is that any woman can rock this color regardless of the age.

3 Summer rainbow

When in doubt, opt for a summer rainbow look. It is not easy to achieve this hair look at home, so it is best to a salon. This pastel hair look is a little randomized, but still creates a beautiful and trendy rainbow effect.

4 Pastel pink and grey ombre hair

The pastel pink and grey hair combo makes a great summer trend. Lilac and grey ombre is a wonderful option too. Pink and lilac are incredibly popular among girls with blonde hair, so if you want to dye your hair a pastel color without going overboard, give this color combo a try.

5 The vivid rainbow hair

If you thought that only famous women can rock rainbow hair, Instagram can prove you wrong. More and more ordinary girls take this hair challenge and try different rainbow looks. If you want to be more unique this summer, try out the vivid rainbow hair. It looks fantastic.

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6 Pastel lavender

Yes, it sounds and looks classic, but I am sure you agree that pastel lavender is a magic color. Why not update your blonde hair this summer? Pastel lavender is perfect for the office and any event, including BBQ parties and weddings. Crave more color? Check out the next color.

7 Pastel blue

From light hues to darker blue shades with a lot of depth, pastel blue is for girls who strive to make the hair statement this summer. If you feel like it is time for something new, different and trendy, choose your favorite pastel blue hue and enjoy your gorgeous hair all summer long.

8 Two toned hair

Have trouble choosing between two colors? Choose them both. It is unusual, beautiful and oh-so summery. Just look at this perfect color combo with a few touches of other shades. It just works. Don’t forget the glitter, by the way.

9 Pastel pink

Pastel pink hair is in this summer season too. It is a simple way to add a pop of color to your look, but not too much. If you do not want to go too pink, consider choosing the lighter shades or try a pastel pink and blonde hair combination. Easy to achieve. Easy to wear.

10 Pastel grey

Achieve a blingtastic summer look by coloring your hair pastel grey. Grey color has definitely received a bad rep, but do not follow the crowd. The color looks totally awesome. You can combine it with pastel pink, blue, or green to create a bolder look.

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Pastel hair is a true feast for our eyes. There are tons of fun colors to try out and plenty of silly combinations that look amazing together. They all are girly, trendy, beautiful, and delicate. These ten pastel hair color ideas scream out ‘summertime’ more than your clothes. What is your favorite pastel hair color or color combo?