6 Summer Makeup Hacks to Look Fabulous All Season Long

May 13, 2016

Every girl knows that there is nothing worse than seeing the perfect makeup melt off the face in the middle of the day. Waterproof makeup products are great, but even they will not save you from hot summer weather. If you want to look fabulous all day long every summer day, then these makeup hacks are for you.

1 Learn to apply a thin coat of mascara

Waterproof mascara has many downsides so applying a few coats of it every day is slowly ruining your naturally beautiful lashes, not to mention that you will look like you are going to the party in the morning. This summer, a minimalist look is making a comeback, so learn how to apply a thin coat of mascara starting today.

2 Skip the eyeliner

Eyeliners are ideal for cold weather but when it comes to summer makeup, it is best to skip the eyeliner at all. Nude eyeshadows and a thin coat of mascara will enhance your beauty and help you look fabulous all day long. If you cannot skip the eyeliner, a thin line is your way out.

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3 Invest in a few nude lipsticks

If you have never worn nude lipsticks, summer 2016 is the right time to start. Invest in a high-quality nude lipstick that will complement your skin complexion and make your lips stand out without extra color. Choose the shade that is not be too pale and make sure it is not too thick.

If nude is not your option and you cannot go out without your red lips, switch to berry-colored lipsticks this summer. They are not nude and not too bright, yet look chic and beautifully eye-catching. Peach lipsticks will be trendy this season too.

4 Give peach eyeshadow a whirl

I am definitely not telling you to pair peach eyeshadow and peach lipstick. What I mean is trying out something more feminine than simple brown eyeshadow. Peach eyeshadow will brighten up your everyday makeup and give your eyes and face a little extra glow.

5 Blush is still a must

A light layer of blush will instantly give a pop and fresh touch to your summer nude makeup. Powder and gel blushes are perfect for oily skin while cream blush is good for dry skin. Though powder blush is a better option for summer, waterproof cream blush can also do the trick. Just do not overdo it.

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6 No powder and foundation

Needless to say, the worst thing you can do to your face is to apply even a thin coat of foundation or powder. No matter what skin problems you have, do not use any foundation in summer.

BB cream is a better option that works just like a foundation but lets your skin breathe in hot weather. If you are lucky to have a flawless skin, skip all those products and apply your day cream or light moisturizer only.

Finally, do not forget to wear sunscreen even if you use makeup products with SPF 15 or 30. I believe girls do not need a lot of beauty products in summer because the sun gives us that extra bit of glow and color that we are usually trying to get from makeup. Are you bold enough to go makeup free this summer? What are your best summer makeup hacks? Please share them with us.