7 Hazel Eye Makeup Tips to Bring Out Your Mysterious Eyes

The origins of hazel eyes are still a mystery to all researchers. Due to an unusual color combination, the hazel eyed women have trouble choosing the perfect eye makeup to bring out those unique colors. If you are lucky to have hazel eyes, pay particularly close attention to the following eye makeup tips. I guarantee you that you will want to try all of them.

1 Gold flecks

Golden colors are suitable for almost all eye colors. When it comes to hazel eyes, though, playing with the golden colors can bring amazing results. Go with a palette that has golden hues and shimmer to make those gold flecks pop. If your eyes still need a little more definition, opt for brown eyeliner.

2 Blue colors

Many hazel eyes women mistakenly believe that blue is their color. However, blue colors can actually make your hazel eyes look dull and uninviting. If you want to make your unique color pop, avoid using blue eyeshadows. Pastel blue eyeshadow might be your bet when you need blue eyes to complement your look.

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3 Beige colors

If your eyes are more green than anything, beige colors will highlight that green in your hazel eyes. Caramel colors also bring out the green tone in the hazel eyes. Want to enhance the intense green in your eyes? Combine a caramel eyeliner and a beige eyeshadow and finish your eye makeup with brown mascara.

4 Neutral browns

Warm browns help to boost the richness of the hazel eyes. Opt for a brown eyeliner and a black mascara, and you will be astonished at how gorgeous your eyes look. Opt for light browns for a daytime look and dark browns for a night time look. When used in the daytime, darker shades of brown may only make your eyes look tired.

5 Pink

Pink eye makeup is not the best eye makeup choice for your hazel eyes, especially neon hues. If you love this color and want to use in your eye makeup, pick soft pinks for a soft luminous effect. Choose brown or soft pink eyeliner and a brownish black mascara to finish the look. Pair your soft eye makeup with nude lip color to create a more romantic look.

6 Purple

Hazel eyes change shades from indoor to outdoor, and purple, lavender and plum colors provide a fantastic contrast to the hazel eyes, and it is perfect for creating smoky eyes. Purple helps to bring out the green hues in your mysterious eyes. Line the eyes with a deep plum or purple pencil for an incredibly dramatic effect.

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7 Mascara

Brown mascara is not the only one perfect mascara for your hazel eyes. Purple, plum, or violet mascara looks particularly beautiful on girls with hazel eyes. Green mascara is a good option too since it brings out any green tones in your hazel eyes. Experiment with mascara colors to choose the best one for your unique eyes.

Girls with this magnificent eye color have as many eye makeup options as girls with brown or blue eyes. Experimenting with different eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras is a surefire way to enhance your eyes. Let me know if you have any other eye makeup ideas for hazel eyes in the comments section. Thanks for reading.