5 Eyeshadow Hacks for Spring

Oct 26, 2022

Looking for some simple ways to refresh your eye makeup this spring? I know a few eyeshadow hacks that you can use this spring to make your eyes look impossibly beautiful. You can create an absolutely different look in a matter of a few minutes just by applying the right shades of eyeshadow. Among the best makeup trends for spring 2015 are fine lines, brown eyeshadows, light lavender eyeshadows, charcoal smoky eyes, as well as neon eyeshadows to create a bold look. No matter what trend you’ll choose to follow, here are five eyeshadow hacks you should know.

1 Choose your key color

Whether it’s fall or spring, it’s crucial to know your most fabulous eyeshadow shade. You may use black eyeshadow during the fall season and look fantastic, but it can make you look older and lifeless during the spring season. However, you shouldn’t overdo with the color, too. Light lavender eyeshadow is one of the best trends to try this spring. It works with almost any eye color, helps refresh your look, and makes your eyes pop.

If you are lucky to have hazel eyes, opt for a green eyeshadow. Brown eyed girls can opt for navy, plum, and purple. If your eyes are green, choose taupe and heather eyeshadows. Light purples and brown shadows are perfect for blue eyes.

2 Mix colors

We all have eyeshadows that we never use because we don’t like the color. Instead of throwing them away, choose a few shades and mix them together. You will get a unique eyeshadow that you won’t find at any store. Plus, you will have a unique color to rock this spring season.

3 Enhance your eyes

When choosing your perfect eyeshadow, opt for lighter shades if you want to enhance your eyes. Use a black or dark brown eyeliner to line the upper lids to make your eyes appear bigger. You can also apply a dab of light shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to give the illusion of larger eyes.

When you want to make your eyes look smaller, opt for darker shades and use a black eyeliner along your bottom lash line. Don’t apply too much mascara; dark eyeshadows can make your lashes look shorter and smaller as well so there’s no sense in applying several coats of mascara.

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4 Use an eyeshadow primer

Before applying your eyeshadow, apply an eyeshadow primer or foundation all over your eyelids. Primer will improve the color of your eyeshadow and help it last all day long. The main rule to remember is to apply a little bit of it and wait for 2-3 minutes before applying your eye makeup. Eyeshadow primers (or foundation) can also help with the application of eyeliners.

5 Fix your brows

Your brows can break or make your entire look, so don’t forget about them. If you don’t have an eyebrow pencil, you can enhance your brows with a little bit of eyeshadow. Use a shadow the same color as your eyebrows to fill in your brows. Gently apply eyeshadow over your brows, brush them upward and enjoy thick and fuller eyebrows all day long.

When it comes to eye makeup, it’s important that you use several eyeshadow brushes. Use a small fluffy brush to get more concentrated color, a bigger fluffy brush to pat eyeshadow onto your eyelids, a short brush to smudge your liner for charcoal smoky eyes, an angled brush to get eyeshadow into your creases, a flat brush to line your eyes, and a slanted brush to give your brows a fuller look. It’s not hard to master but start practicing today because spring is almost here. These are only a few eyeshadow tricks for spring. I’m sure you have some other tips that you want to share with us.