7 Makeup Hacks That Will Save Your Prom

Mar 31, 2017

The prom season is drawing close. You probably are going crazy with plans for the perfect dress and accompanying makeup and hairstyle. To help you look jaw-droppingly gorgeous on your prom night, here is a list of hacks to keep you looking lovely and stress-free all night long.

1 Green concealer

If you have any blemishes that you fear may pop up on prom night, be sure to have the green concealer in your clutch. You never know when one may show, and green concealer is super effective at covering the redness.

2 Contour pro

Every lady has something she wishes was more chiseled. Get your highlighter and bronzer ready, because, with these makeup contouring tips, you can look amazing for every prom picture:

  • Smaller nose – place bronzer from nostril up to where the bone begins. The highlighter is placed from the center of the brows, down the length of the nose to stop right before the tip.
  • Smaller forehead – place bronzer along the hairline and highlighter above the brows.
  • Higher cheekbones – put bronzer beneath the cheekbones, then highlight directly above.

3 Covering pimples

Zits are so annoying. Make them disappear by following a few tricks. First of all, do not pop it! The area will look more inflamed and will be harder to cover. Instead, moisturize the affected spots.

Grab a green concealer stick. Daub the green concealer right onto a pimple, not around it. Then cover the green with your regular colored concealer. Go over and around the zit. With a larger brush, smooth down harsh lines.

Carefully apply some foundation. You do not want to smudge the concealer. Add powder to set the foundation and add some color. Boom, those pesky pimples are covered.

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4 Eyelashes for days

Obviously, this calls for a handy-dandy eyelash curler. But you are also going to need some baby powder. Baby powder brushed against your lashes between coats of mascara will help the mascara cling to them longer.

Next, get your eyelash curler and heat it up either with a blow dryer or between your hands. The heat in the metal will help curl the lashes more easily. After the first set, invert the eyelash curler, which lengthens the lashes further.

5 Quick gel eye liner

Everyone loves gel eyeliner because it is so easy. The good news is that even your standard pencil can be made into a gel. Simply hold the tip over a cigarette lighter flame. The heat will melt the eyeliner so it goes on like gel.

6 Hide dark circles

You will need a yellow or orange concealer to cancel out the purple, a foundation brush, foundation, and powder. Use the foundation brush with the concealer so that you cover a larger surface. Stamp, do not brush, under the eye. Do not forget the inner corners. Then gently blend with your finger. Finally, apply your foundation over the concealer to hide the orange. Set with powder.

7 Long lasting lipstick

Though this is not really a hack but hardcore beauty advice, for a fuller, more sultry pout, you need to do this. First, exfoliate any dead skin from your lips. Once you have done that, hydrate with a non-oily balm. Aim for a waxy consistency, because anything else will cause the lipstick to run right off.

Next, color your lips with some concealer. Do not erase your entire mouth, just enough to neutralize the pink. Also, outline your lips to keep the lipstick’s color from bleeding. From there, you can use lip liner as a base coat or go straight for the lipstick.

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The choice is yours. However, do miss the final step: take a tissue and place it over your lips. Take a translucent powder to dust over your lips, through the tissue. This will set the color without covering your lips in dust. Tada! You are now ready to go.

Now you know your makeup is going to steal the night! With these hacks, prom night is going to go down as one of the most fun nights of your life. Have fun.