10 Ways to Make Your Blue Eyes Pop

May 30, 2016

If you feel like no one notices your beautiful blue eyes, you have come to the right place. Even though each eye color is mesmerizing in its own way, blue eyes have some invisible power. Going makeup free is the best way to enhance your blue eyes, but there are certain makeup tricks and tips for making your eyes pop instantly. Here are some of them:

1 Classic smokey eyes

Classic black smokey eye makeup is not for girls with brown eyes only. It is a simple way to add drama to your look and make your blue eyes pop. If black is not your color, opt for dark brown or blue eyeshadows.

2 Purple charm

Purple and blue are not considered a good color combination, but when it comes to blue eyes, purple and its hues are all you need to make your eyes pop. My favorite color is lilac, though I use darker purple hues for my night out makeup.

3 White pencil eyeliner trick

Regardless of your eyeshadow color choice, use white pencil eyeliner to make your blue eyes pop. Make a circle in the inner corners of your eyes, and softly blend it. Apply your favorite mascara and lip gloss, and you are ready to go.

4 Blue eyeshadows

Obviously, not all blue hues are perfect for blue eyes. Opt for icy blue or dark blue and avoid too bright hues unless you are going to a party. When you choose blue eyeshadows for your makeup, make sure the color of your lips are not too bright and bold.

5 Green

Lavish green, mint green, lime green and dark green are all ideal for summer makeup. Moreover, green helps to make the blue eyes stand out. Skip the liquid eyeliner if you want to create a daytime makeup. Your lips should not be bright too. Your eyes will get all the attention.

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6 Beige

All shades of beige go perfectly well with the blue eyes. This makeup does not look too dramatic. It looks natural and is perfect to wear to the office and the gym. Use brown eyeliner instead of black one to make your eyes pop.

7 Splash of colors

When you have trouble picking the eyeshadow color, why not combine them all together? Choose a few hues, including blue, and use a colorful eyeliner to make a statement with your eyes. A splash of blue color among the others will enhance your eye color and make them stand out.

8 Blue mascara

You do not necessarily have to go overboard and try the makeup like on the picture, but blue mascara and light beige eyeshadow are two best friends that go well together. Skip the eyeliner and bright lipstick. Otherwise, you can end up looking like a clown. Sorry for honesty.

9 Yellow

Cat eyeliner makeup is one of the easiest ways to make any eye color pop. Choose the yellow eyeshadow and everyone will notice your unbelievably charming eyes. Yellow eyeshadow is beautiful on blue eyes, isn’t it? If you do not have a strict makeup and dress codes in the office, you can even wear this makeup on a daily basis.

10 Black eyeliner

Black eyeliner – be it liquid or classic pencil – gives the blue eyes the dramatic effect and makes the eyes look bigger if you apply it correctly. When you do not feel like applying makeup in the morning, but still want your blue eyes to pop, all you need is black mascara and black eyeliner.

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Pull all the attention to your blue eyes by using some of these tricks and feel free to experiment and come up with your own makeup ideas. You cannot know how wonderfully every makeup trick works until you try it yourself. Let me know what works best for your eyes.