7 Frugal Ways to Renew Your Spring Wardrobe

Looking for some cheap ways to refresh your spring wardrobe? There is no need to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends when you can use these simple and frugal tricks. I enjoy reorganizing my closet when a new season comes, but unfortunately or luckily, I can’t afford to purchase all those fashions straight from the runaways. I think even if I could buy them I would not do it. I would rather donate that money to animal shelters.

Whether you are ready to spend a fortune on new dresses and sandals or you want to save some cash on more important things, here are a few frugal ways to renew your spring wardrobe without wrecking your budget. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal so don’t be afraid to try out some of these tricks.

1 Fall in love with thrift stores

Many celebrities love thrift stores. I enjoy looking for unique items at the thrift shops and my friends do it too. It is not because we are all budget dressers. We simply love to thrift shopping for the thrill of the hunt, not to mention the prices – they are so cheap that you could buy a lot of spring and summer dresses and spend only $40-$60. Thrift shopping is one of the best frugal ways to renew your spring (or actually any other) wardrobe.

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2 Explore your mom’s or gran’s attic

Yes, yes, you read that right! You do not need to spend your hard-earned cash at the thrift stores if you have not checked your mom’s and gran’s attics yet. Vintage clothes are all the rage this spring and what is the best place to get some cute vintage pieces? Definitely, your gran’s attic. Ask your mom or gran if you could explore their attic and start your search.

3 Host a swap party

The party season is almost here so why not start partying right now? Host a swap party to get rid of your old clothes and get some new pieces you have always wanted to buy. I am sure your friends will be happy to attend your party. After all, who does not like to get new clothes without spending a penny? Ask your friends to bring some clothes they do not wear anymore, but make sure those pieces are in good condition.

4 Have a spring garage sale

Garage sales can help you get rid of old pieces of clothing and score some cash for new ones. You can also visit some garage sales, if you do not want to host your own. You can find many new pieces of clothing for a few dollars. Grab your friends and go garage sale shopping to renew your spring wardrobes.

5 Go to a flea market

Flea markets have a bad rep, but they are not as terrible as many people think and they are not for poor people only. While there are many dirty clothes that you should wash a few times before wearing, you can find many lovely pieces that are pretty clean and in good condition. It all depends on sellers.

Many people sell their clothes (I have found even expensive pieces!) to make some extra money, so stop considering flea markets as bad places. When shopping wisely, you can buy a lot of beautiful things without damaging your budget.

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6 Refashion your old clothes

Do you have some pieces of clothing that don’t suit or fit you but you don’t want to throw them away? Refashion them! You can turn your favorite old jeans into lovely new shorts, long-waisted, short-sleeved shirt into a trendy spring dress, or a maxi dress into a lovely mini dress. Look for some ideas online and start refashioning right now. It may take a lot of time and effort, but the result may be worth it.

7 Invest in a romper

Rompers are cheap and they pair well with many pieces of clothes. If you have lots of spring cardigans, that is an added bonus, you can rock a new look each day with just one new romper in your closet. Rompers go in different styles and color combos, so you if you can afford, purchase at least two of them.

Refreshing your spring wardrobe does not have to be expensive. Do not be ashamed of being frugal. Today, many people are short on cash, but some of them run into debts to buy new clothes. You do not need those debts, do you? These tricks will help you get many lovely things without spending a fortune. What is your favorite cheap way to renew your wardrobe? Share your ideas with us.