6 Biggest Wearable Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from NYFW

Fall is coming up quick, pumpkin spice is in everything everywhere, and the weather is taking a turn for the cozy. Which means, ladies, it is time to update your wardrobes for the season. New York’s fall fashion week is always stunning, but a little too over the top sometimes; so here are some handpicked fall 2016 fashion trends from NYFW that you can actually pull off.

1 Orange dresses

The New York Fashion Week took our love for Pumpkin Spice Latte’s to a whole new level by bringing the muted orange color to our clothing. This lovely color surprisingly looks amazing on most skin tones and pairs well with a lot of colors – not just black. You can pear it with forest green, maroon, navy blue – and it will look stunning.

2 Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are going to be huge this upcoming season. Whether it is colored, floral, or just plain black, these jackets will be everywhere. Best to stock up now before they are bought out of the stores and you’re left pining after them on the Internet. You can pair them with anything, but most will throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt underneath. Less effort, but still cute.

3 Embellished guitar-like straps

Embellished guitar-like straps are coming in full force this fall. They are not only a lot more comfortable than traditional straps, but they make a huge statement with any outfit. The support will have your shoulders crying with relief while the designs will have your style singing hallelujah. Plus, you will get a ton of compliments, especially if yours are colorful.

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4 Statement chokers

The 90’s are invading fall in a ton of different fashion trends, but the statement choker has to be our favorite. They can fit into any style, with any outfit, and make you just look rebellious. They come in every price range, in any color, any material. You can pair them with anything – seriously. Buy one and you will fall in love and end up buying twenty more.

5 Chunky ankle boots

The David Bowie style chunky ankle boots are coming back in full force this autumn. These boots are easy to wear, pair well with any outfit, and are just plain cute. So pick up a couple pairs in some cute fall colors, throw on some comfy jeans and a big ol’ sweater and you will be prepared for the coming months perfectly well.

6 90’s style sweaters

Here is another example of the 90’s making a strong come back this season. 90’s style sweaters are a must. Whether you go with the soft grunge of the nineties or just the simple patterns, you will be comfy, cozy and ready to go out in no time. You can just slip one on with some skinnies, sneakers, and a beanie and still look like you put effort into your outfit (even though you didn’t).

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That is all the fall trends we have for now, so take this list and go on a shopping spree for your cozy comforts this season while sipping on your personal shopping list. These are just a few of the biggest wearable fall 2016 fashion trends from NYFW to rock this season, so do not be afraid to be bold.