7 Sensible Fashion Ideas for Career Women

Apr 20, 2020

Working 5 days a week in a company requires new ideas on what to wear each day particularly if there’s no company uniform. Selecting the best dress code or corporate attire can be very challenging if you don’t have an idea about fashion.

This makes sense of knowing the different work outfits that will make you look elegant and eventually enhance your personality. The guide listed below will help you look your best whether it’s your basic working day or a business trip.

1 Silk blouse and slim fit pants

If you struggle with what to wear each day, the following classic duo will be extremely helpful.  Have you tried wearing a silk blouse and slim fit pants? This fashion combo will definitely make you look stylish. However, pay attention to the way you tuck the blouse.

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Choose silk blouse – either printed or solid – that is button down. Pair it with skinny jeans or slim fit pants, and top your blouse with a blazer.