15 Fabulous Ways to Wear Platform Shoes

Aug 27, 2020

Photo: pinterest.com

We all love our pumps, our stilettos, but my favorite shoes of all has to be platform heels. They can be dressed up or down, they are sexy, fun and give anyone a major confidence boost. But if you are like me, sometimes you have the perfect platforms and have absolutely no clue what to wear them with. So here are some helpful hints on how to wear our pretty platform shoes.

1 Black blazer, black denim jeans, and tank top

If you want a chic, sleek look with some sparkly black platforms, pair them with some ripped jeans and a tailored blazer for a more put together outfit.

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Throw in some color with a bright blouse and you are ready to strut your stuff anywhere in town.

2 Printed lightweight ensemble and black leather jacket

If you are looking for a more rocker/grunge look, pair your platforms with some leather.

For an even more bold look, pull out those platform boots and throw on a dress for some nice contrast – so you can feel girly and grungy all at the same time.

3 Patterned pants, collared shirt and knit sweater

If you are feeling the sweater weather, but still want to style your platforms in all your vintage glory, go for a bold, patterned pants with a collared shirt under your comfy, knit sweater.

And if you want more color, you can always throw in those red platforms you have shoved in the back of your closet, just like this look above.

4 Overalls

Overalls are hot right now and super comfy. But how can you jazz them up a bit so you don’t look quite like a hillbilly redneck wannabe? Platforms. This look above screams throwback, but it also screams style.

Pairing your overalls with a striped undershirt gives it a more classic look, and you can pair your colorful platforms with it to have just a tad more fun with your throwback Friday inspired look.

5 Grey sweater and olive wool wrap skirt

If you are a Paris Street Style kind of gal, this look is for you. No longer do you have to wear just Toms and sandals because nothing else seems to look quite as right with your flowy outfits. Pair your platforms with all sweater and wool wrap skirt you want. You can even just wear a more patterned skirt instead to speak more to your style.

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6 Skinny jeans and peplum top

You can also keep it simple and girly by paring your platform shoes with some well fitted skinny jeans and a gorgeous blouse with some classic details like the scalloped bottom, some lace, or you can even go for a peplum top.

Give this outfit more flare by going with a bold color for your platforms, so they get all the attention they deserve.

7 Romper and over-the-knee socks

If you would rather go beautifully bold with your clothes, go with a simple, black platform boots to pair with your ensemble so your clothes can stand out even further.

Pairing them with thigh high socks gives them a more casual, fun look, yet still allows the focus to be on your outfit.

8 White platform wedges

If you are a simple girl who likes simple outfits, but still loves great platform wedges, you can pick up some neutral colored wedges like white, black, or tan and throw them on with any outfit – even your favorite orange suit.

9 Black and white lace dress and black tights

If you love classic looks – lace, dresses, crochet, or just an understated dress that hugs your curves, throwing on some strappy platforms adds just that little extra pizzazz to put your outfit over the edge. Just look at this outfit, for example. She added velvet, strappy platforms to add more texture and dimension to her classic little black dress.

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10 Oversized sweaters

If you love big, baggy sweaters like me, this one is for you. You do not have to always wear jeans and Vans with your huge, fuzzy sweaters, you can strap on some platform heels after you throw on a pair of leggings and look just as good, but probably even better.

11 Mixed textures

Feel free to mix textures. If you just want neutrals, but still want to have some fun with your black platform boots, pair them with textured skirts, tops, and jackets like this blogger did. It will still be simple, but it will also help you stand out from the crowd.

12. Graphic bomber jacket, ripped jeans and t-shirt

Everyone loves good platform sneakers, but a lot of us just sit and stare at ours lovingly because we have no idea how to wear them – we just bought them because they are cute. But honestly, you can wear them with almost anything. But the best look for them is something like the casual look above with ripped jeans and t-shirts.

13 Sweater and mini skirt

Pair your grunge platform boots with a mini skirt, tights, and some casual tops or sweaters. You can make this look bolder like she did by wearing a leather mini skirt, textured or patterned tights, and a colored top. This look takes major guts, but the end style is over the top cute and will definitely boost your confident from all the compliments you receive.

14 Go all black

Going all black is always an option in my look, especially with platform heels. Your all black ensemble will help you seem taller and thinner, and if you want to stand out more you can just throw on a colorful jacket, necklace, or paint on a bold lip.

15 Denim shorts

Be daring and bold with some short shorts, sparkles and platforms. Even if you do not want the sparkles, you can still throw on some cute denim shorts, or really any pattern or material short. Pairing them with your platforms will make both pieces stand out.

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As you can see, platforms are not just for pretty skirts and clubbing outfits. You can pair them with almost anything and look absolutely stunning. They give each and every outfit a bolder, more confident look, and definitely make you feel like you can conquer the world.

So if you have been letting your platform shoes collect dust in your closet, it is high time you pull them out and rock them with every ounce of confidence you have.