8 Awesome Style Blogs for Women Over 40

Nov 1, 2022

As women hit their 40s, 50s and up they pay less attention to their style. Many of them are in long-term relationships and have children. They don’t strive to look stylish or beautiful. They stop buying new clothes and accessories. They think they don’t need it. It’s nonsense. Regardless of the age, a woman should take care of her look all the time. She has to look beautiful for herself, not others.

In recent years, the number of fabulous women over 40s starting style blogs has exploded. They inspire other mature women to love themselves and their wrinkles. They teach us how to look gorgeous daily without spending money and give many great fashion, diet, and lifestyle tips and tricks. Check out these awesome style blogs for women over 40. They will help you develop or improve your style and save money at the same time.

1 The Art Muse

My mom says, “When you’re 20, you think you will be old and ugly in 40s or 50s. In reality, a woman in her 40s and up starts living a completely new life.” If you just turned 40 and you feel depressed and confused, the Art Muse may help you understand your body, develop a new style and learn many new things that you hadn’t time for in your 20s.

2 A Key To The Armoire

Think you can’t look brilliant in your 50s? Susana Fernandez will show you how to dress to impress. Real photos, fantastic fashion tips, and unique ideas – there’s something for any woman of any style. You will learn how to combine the colors, textures, and patterns without overdoing it. The gallery of A Key To The Armoire is full of incredibly beautiful photos that any young lady will love too.

3 The Rich Life On A Budget

Unless you are wealthy, it’s hard to buy expensive things each month. Adrienne of The Rich Life On A Budget will show you how to look great and stylish without buying brand names. There are many real photos that might inspire you to create your own style and start your own blog. Adrienne seems to be a travel junkie and a wine lover too. There are some travel posts to check out.

4 J’adore Couture

J’adore Couture is a style blog for women who can’t stop checking the latest collections even after 40s. There are many categories and tons of inspiring tips and photos. I love the latest post about fall textures and the look of Kim Mitchell Stokes. She looks stunning and has exquisite taste. She proves that it’s easy to be stylish regardless of the age.

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5 Mama in Heels

Want to find out the key investment pieces? Stop by Mama in Heels and you will learn more than this. The blog boasts many interesting style and beauty posts. There are lots of helpful pictures and real photos. Moreover, the Get to Know series will let you know how women over 40s blog, build community and inspire others to live a fulfilled life.

6 Lady of Style

If you hit your 50s, you probably don’t know what to do next. At the age of 53, Annette claims that there is no age limit to style. She looks fantastic and it’s hard to tell that she is over 50. She looks much younger – perhaps because of her fabulous style. Annette is a perfect role model and her blog Lady of Style isn’t boring. The good news is that if you know German, you will find some articles for yourself.

7 Amid Privilege

Amid Privilege is another great blog for women over 50s. Apart from useful style and fashion tips, you will find a host of other advice. It’s amazing how one blog can contain so many interesting information the category list will amaze you. Even though the blog doesn’t contain a lot of photos, it’s still worth your time.

8 Age of the Grace

The first thing that drew my attention when I visited Age of the Grace was Eugenia’s words – “God’s grace is all around us – it’s in the little things. I want to share those little things with you, here, on this blog.” Eugenia is a positive, beautiful, and fashionable woman who loves fashion, history, and museums. I love her looks and her style. So elegant and bright!

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Just because you’re a woman over 40 doesn’t mean you should forget about yourself. No one will ever tell you that you are 55 if you wear a stylish dress. Don’t wrap yourself in oversized clothes. You deserve to dress better, look younger and feel fabulous. Life doesn’t end after 40. If you haven’t understood this fact yet, you will realize it in a few years later. What’s your favorite style blog? Maybe you have your own blog for women over 40, let us know.