How to Overhaul Your Wardrobe on a Tight Budget

Apr 14, 2016

The money-consuming holiday season makes many girls think of the most frugal ways to update the wardrobe. The fall and winter seasons are money-draining, and it’s actually not only because of the holidays. It’s because a summer dress is much cheaper than a fall oversized sweater, and flip-flops are absolutely better than boots. Plus, we don’t wear coats that also cost tons of money. If you have nothing to wear this season, it’s time to completely overhaul your wardrobe in order to find out what you need and what to get rid of.

Building a wardrobe on a tight budget isn’t easy and isn’t fun. With a little ingenuity and imagination, though, it’s awesome what you can do to update your winter closet. Read on to see what you can do right now to add some new pieces of clothing to your closet:

1 Dye your clothes

Have no money to buy a new dress or jeans? No worries, ladies. There’s a little trick that even some famous women use. They simply dye their clothes. Using fabric dye to update your wardrobe can be a smart way to change the look of the things you rarely wear or that have terrible stains. Fabric dye is typically cheap, depending on where you buy it, of course. Anyway, you can wear something new each week. Trust me, no one notices your nifty trick.

2 Hunt for a bargain

I’m usually against Internet shopping, when it comes to buying clothing because I have trouble guessing the sizes. But if you know exactly your size and you are sure of the website that sells clothing then use the Internet to your advantage. Hunt for a bargain when you need something new. Stay patient and wait until some deals emerge. It takes time but saves money!

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3 Mix and match

When you barely make ends meet, clothing is the last thing you want to buy. Yet, you spend hours stressing over and thinking about the ways to earn extra money to purchase at least one new piece of clothing. Instead of worrying about that, spend those hours experimenting with what you have. Mix and match what can be mixed and matched and you will definitely find several winning combos.

4 Host a clothing swap

Chances are, your friend is in the same situation as you are. Hosting a clothing swap is a fun way to help your friend get new items, spice up your closet and clear out some old items at the same time. Include friends of all shapes and sizes and let your siblings know about your clothing swap too. The times are rough so we should be smart enough to survive those times without sacrificing our style and look.

5 Look for knockoffs

Just because someone wears the knockoffs doesn’t mean they are not fashionable. First, not everyone can see the difference between the brand and the knockoffs. Second, it’s weird to spend heaps of money on the brand that you will throw away in a few months when you can buy many knockoffs and have more new clothes. One gal from the office judges other women for wearing cheap pieces of clothing, but honestly, it’s so annoying to see her wearing one and the same dress every single day. The worst thing is that she believes she’s the most fashionable girl in the office because she buys expensive clothing – probably twice a year. No judgment and no offence. I simply don’t like when some women consider themselves better than others. We are all equal, no matter what we wear.

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6 Let your phone help you

There are many apps for shopping these days so do a small research to find out the apps with the best deals. Some apps, like Vinted, allow you to sell, buy and swap your pieces of clothing. If you want to buy designer clothes on a budget, the Poshmark app can help you. The best part about the apps is that most of them are absolutely free to download and to use.

Paying a fortune for designer clothes is out of fashion these days. Girls with almost empty wallets can dress like a queen too. All you need is creativity, positivity and desire to experiment with shopping and clothing. Every savvy woman has her own secrets and tips on how to overhaul the closet on a very tight budget (or without it at all) so why not help each other? Share your secrets in the comments and let’s rate the cleverest ones.