12 Ways to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

Aug 27, 2020

Do you feel like your outfit looks cheap and you want to improve it a bit, but you are on a budget? You do not need to splurge on clothes every week to look wealthy. Here are ten useful tips on how to shop better, make clothes look more expensive and store them your clothes wisely.

1 Save on basic pieces and spend on trendy items instead

Don’t spend $100 on a white shirt that you can find at one-third of that price in GAP. You are going to wear that shirt so often that it will probably be worn out way before you want it to.

Instead, spend that money on a piece that is on-trend at the moment, like a leather jacket or a floral pair of trousers.

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You will make your outfit cool by adding an attention – grab a piece that is also high quality. Spend on trendy items is one of ways to make your clothes look more expensive.

2 Avoid brown and earthy colors

Brown, mauve and other earthy colors like olive and cream end up fading after a few washes, especially when they are used in low-quality materials. Instead of wearing a washed up brown T-shirt, opt for black, white and bright colors like light blue and pink.

Moreover, black clothes always look more expensive, as you can’t spot imperfections.

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3 Go for neutral colors

Camel, cream, sand and tan naturally look expensive, especially when it comes to coats and trousers. Clothes in these colors have to be stored exceptionally well, but the results will pay off. Wear those colors with black or mix them together: you can never go wrong with them!

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4 Invest in a steamer

Any piece of clothes would look cheap with wrinkles on it! Unfortunately, many synthetic fabrics (of which cheap clothes are usually made of) shouldn’t be ironed, and this is where a steamer comes in handy. If you can’t wash something, steam it and leave it on a hanger overnight in a room with open windows. It will be ready to wear in the morning!

5 Don’t overdo it

Buying pieces with jeweled embellishments, for example, is not a good move. For a store, doing such a thing on a budget and doing it well is quite difficult: here you want to invest a bit as I said at point number one on my list. You may want to buy a simpler T-shirt and finish it with a nice (and more expensive) necklace, instead of buying a T-shirt with jewels stuck on it.

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6 Let cold air do the job

Yes, clothes should be clean and have a nice smell, but if you keep washing them in the washing machine you will most likely ruin their shape and make the colors fade. As a result, they will look old sooner than they should. Instead of wearing something once and throwing it in the washing machine right away after taking it off, try and hang it outside, especially if the air is cold. And you can get rid of spots and stains with a sponge instead of washing the whole jumper.

7 Get rid of old clothes

This may seem obvious, but if there is a stain on your jumper and you (or the people at the dry cleaner) can’t get rid of it, it is time to throw away that jumper. No need to think twice about it: if you noticed the spot, other people are going to as well. No loose buttons or thread, just fix them before wearing that piece.

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8 No distressed pieces

Distressing techniques take quite a while to be realized, and if you can buy a pair of distressed jeans at a super cheap price, high chances are it is not worth your money (no, not even that little!) Ripped jeans are okay, as they are usually cool at any price, but steer clear from other types of distressed pieces.

9 Pay attention to the smallest details

Now, this is a great and cheap tip at the same time: replace the plastic buttons that come with your cheap sweater with better buttons (mother of pearl ones, for example). You can buy them online at a cheap price; the best places to do so are Etsy and Ebay. This little change will make your clothes look way more expensive and classy.

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10 Stop at the tailor

Everything looks better when it fits perfectly. Cheap clothes don’t often fit perfectly, but that shouldn’t put you off from taking them to the tailor before you buy them and see what an expert can do with them. A $10 T-shirt can look better than a $50 one if it fits better.

11 Think big

Invest in a coat. This is the first thing people are going to see when you are walking down the street. Take your time and look for discounts and sales in your favorite stores, but don’t buy a coat that is not worth your money: it’s not going to keep you warm and it is going to make your whole outfit look cheap.

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12. DIY

If you’re into DIY projects, add some lace to the hems of your T-shirt. This way you can turn a plain white top into a fancy one without spending a fortune as lace is not expensive. Make sure of two things though: first of all, the lace you buy doesn’t look cheap, and second, you won’t leave any messy thread behind!

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And in general, remember that a piece of clothes doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive and, most of all, trendy and cool. Learn and use these tricks (and start shopping wisely) to make the most out of your closet.