8 Fabulous Hair Blogs to Follow

Oct 9, 2016

Most women are obsessed with their hair and no wonder – it is a wonderful weapon – you just need the right hairstyle and all men would be at your feet and all other women would die to be in your place. We do everything to make our hair look great, from trying out some questionable beauty recipes to having an almost intimate relationship with our stylist.

If you are like me and love your hair and strive to make it look even better, but you do not have the time or the money to go and visit your stylist each time you have to go out, these hair blogs may help you.

1 Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is a hair-only blog, and it has everything – from amazing video tutorials and some tips and tricks section to product advice. It is a bit messy, but the info is great. You even get advice on how to treat your hair. I really love it and I totally recommend it.

2 Hair Romance

The Hair Romance blog deserves the second place on the list. It is well organized and has some amazing tutorials available, but the thing I don’t like is that you see some great titles like ’30 braids in 30 days’ but it turns out it is just an ad of e-books. The price is reasonable but the fact that not even one of the styles is viewable put me off. Anyway, you will love great photo tutorials with simple and easy to follow explanations.

3 Hairdresser on Fire

The blog with a catchy title Hairdresser on Fire was the thing that made me click on it in the first place. It is well organized and quite extensive – the tutorials are amazing, but what really caught my attention was the ‘Answers’ section where the blogger explains styling concepts in simple terms. Check out the sets of tutorials on how to tie your hair when you go to the gym. You will find some valuable tricks.

4 The Small Things Blog

The Small Things Blog is not exclusively about hair but the photo tutorials there are great. You can browse the styles by occasion and hair length. The product reviews are useful as well – the blogger spares you nothing – she honestly tells you what product is good and what is just a waste of money.

5 The Beauty Department

Another hair blog that is not exclusively about hair yet useful is The Beauty Department. The photo tutorials are nice and easy to follow, but probably the best thing about the blog is actually the product reviews. You will find out the differences between products and links to Amazon, where you can buy the product you need.

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6 A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is really a mess with more entries than you can count, but the hair photo tutorials are incredibly versatile. There is even a tutorial on how to cut your own hair.Apart from hair tips, there are many other things to read on the blog.

7 Twist Me Pretty

I like the Twist Me Pretty blog and it is not because of its hilarious name. There are some awesome hairstyles that you can easily create. You can browse not only by style, length and occasion, but also by the time you will have to spend. My favorite sections are the ‘Under 10 minutes’ and ‘Works with Wet.’ Each tutorial has a photo and video version – the blogger even has a separate YouTube channel where you can watch all the videos.

8 Hair and Makeup by Steph

This blog is again not only about hair but the things you can find there are quite valuable. The photo tutorials are easy to follow, and the design is incredibly neat. I recommend checking the ‘tips and tricks’ section where you can find some wonderful ideas – like bridal hairstyles and how to repair damaged hair, for example.

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These eight hair blogs are just some of the best ones available online. There are many women who have a lot to share with the world so never stop looking for new hair blogs to follow and more elegant hairstyles to try out. What are your favorite hair blogs?