8 Fabulous Hair Blogs to Follow

Apr 19, 2016

Most women are obsessed with their hair and no wonder – it is a wonderful weapon – you just need the right hairstyle and all men would be at your feet and all other women would die to be in your place. We do everything to make our hair look great, from trying out some questionable beauty recipes to having an almost intimate relationship with our stylist.

If you are like me and love your hair and strive to make it look even better, but you do not have the time or the money to go and visit your stylist each time you have to go out, these hair blogs may help you.

1 Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is a hair-only blog, and it has everything – from amazing video tutorials and some tips and tricks section to product advice. It is a bit messy, but the info is great. You even get advice on how to treat your hair. I really love it and I totally recommend it.