9 Hair Apps to Jazz Up Your Hairstyle Rut

Jan 26, 2016

You know what is super great about living in a tech-driven world? You can find what you need without leaving your couch. You can pay your bills, manage your money, cook, study and even pick a new hairstyle by just using your smartphone. The pace of new app development is astonishing and the range of apps is unbelievably wide. Hair apps are no exception. Before trying a new hairstyle or color and damaging your hair, check out these fabulous hair apps.

1 Hair MakeOver

This hair app is a totally fun and easy to use. You can experiment with new hairstyles and colors each day and make over your significant other, siblings, friends and coworkers to create new looks for them. Save the makeover photo and show it your hairstylist. You can also share those photos with your friends. It takes less than a minute to try and create a new hairstyle. Plus, it is free.