10 Insanely Beautiful Braided Hairstyles

Oct 9, 2016

Braids have been popular among women for thousands of years. With a great number of styles and twists, they are perfect for any occasion. Braids are elegant and edgy, girly and sporty. They can be worn to school, work, prom, wedding, or just while watching a movie in your pajamas. From ponytail braids to intricate updos, here are 10 of the best braided hairstyles for any girl.

1 Lace headband braid

This lace headband braid is perfect for long and medium length hair. You can wear it to work, school or just to run some errands. It keeps hair out of your face, and it looks amazing. You can also style it for some special event like wedding. Just create some nicely defined curls in the rest of your hair.

2 Twist braided updo

Braided updo is both fashionable and elegant. It is ideal for work, but can also be embellished with some crystals or flowers to create a perfect special event hairstyle like prom, or wedding.

You can never go wrong with this classical hairstyle.

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3 Bohemian side braid

This bohemian side braid might just be a fantastic spring and summer hairstyle for long hair. It looks so intricate but at the same time very casual and fun. You can wear it with any outfit, but it would be just amazing with a flowy flower dress. Perfect for day at the beach, or a picnic in the park.

4 Sporty Dutch braids

If you are a sporty but girly kind of gal, this Dutch braid hairstyle will suit you nicely. There is something about it that just radiates fun and carelessness. It is great for gyms because it keeps all of the hair of your face and neck, and it looks really gorgeous. Perfect for pretty much any casual occasion – from day at school to ball game date.

5 Reverse braided bun

Reversed braided bun is a cute twist on your everyday messy bun. Braiding bottom part of your hair in Dutch braid is so easy, but it takes your regular bun to the next level. It looks like you have spent so much time on your hair, when in reality it takes less than 5 minutes. It works both for casual and work days.

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6 Braided ponytail

If you are a fan of ponytails, you can take it to the next level with this braid. It will not take much time, but will make your boring ponytail look special. This is an easy way to go from work hairstyle to night out hairstyle. It will also add lots of volume to your hair.

7 Braided undercut

Undercuts can make your outfit look edgy, but the problem is they are permanent. With the Dutch or French braid you can fake the stylish undercut. This is the right hairstyle to showcase those new earrings. This braided undercut is great for bobs, lobs and pretty much every haircut style.

8 Romantic waterfall braid

Waterfall braid is one of the most romantic hairstyles ever. It looks simply amazing, and is easy to embellish with some flowers for a special event style. The braid is also easy to create and is an excellent choice for date night. You can wear it with straight or curly hair, and both short and long cuts.

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9 Mermaid braid

Mermaid braid is best for day at the beach, day at the park, night out…pretty much anything! With its bohemian vibe it will make any outfit fun and easy going. This is also perfect for layered hair, as it will not matter if your layers stick out. There is something attractive in messy braids, isn’t it?

10 Faux mohawk

Faux mohawk is definitely one of the edgy kinds of braids. The Dutch braid cleverly creates big braid with a lot of volume, while keeping slick sides. If you have always wanted to try out mohawk, but never really wanted to chop off your hair, faux mohawk is your bet.

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These braids are easy to create, and with some practice can be done by anyone. They can level up your everyday style, or add extra elegance to your fancy outfits. With so many different hairstyles out there, it is no surprise braids are always trendy and loved by women of all ages.