12 Gorgeous Auburn Hair Colors

Feb 24, 2016

Auburn is considered the most gorgeous hair color to rock during any season of the year. I have found a wide range of beautiful auburn hair colors and it is up to you to choose whether to go for a deep shade or a subtle highlight. Auburn hair color looks amazingly inspiring with black coats and pastel summer dresses. Let these 12 auburn hair colors inspire you to change your look this spring.

1 Burgundy Auburn

This bold and glamorous shade of maroon or dark red is not only eye-catching, but also full of drama. Many women with medium brown hair or blondes often choose this hair color. The shade suits fair skin best. From warmer shades like cinnamon to old burgundy and classic maroon, there is definitely something for you.

The only thing to remember when choosing your perfect burgundy auburn shade is quality. Avoid buying and using poor quality hair dye, especially if you are going to dye your locks at home. Otherwise, you can end up with a brightly colored bathtub and pale-colored hair, not to mention the damage that poor quality hair dye can cause to your tresses. Protect yourself and your home from dye stains by investing in a high-quality hair dye.