15 Chic Nail Designs

Apr 15, 2020

Are you one of those fashionable girls who are crazy about nail designs? Well, you are on the side of the majority. Nail art is a new trend in the fashion world and what makes it even more popular is that every woman can have those done on her nails.

Nail art is a unique way to express your individuality and style. Plus, it is a very appealing way to attract the attention of others, since our hands are always in use. With a little time and effort, you can create your own nail art today. Have no idea where to start? Read on.

1 Black, white and silver combo

Putting strips of these deadly super color combination is not only easy but looks fabulous and sophisticated as well. All you have to do is simply make use of scotch tapes if you are not very comfortable with applying it directly. Apply a color by covering the rest of area with a scotch tape and then remove it and once that part dries up you can again follow the same procedure.

2 Polka dots

We all love polka dots, don’t we? The pattern that will never lose its cuteness. And this design is a very easy one to try on a busy day. You can do a simple black polkas on background of white nail paint using a dotting tool. But I love a design that has different colors of polka dot on green or pink background. Looks pretty and oh-so cute.

3 Peach, purple and yellow color blocks

If you are wearing a bright color dress or you are going to beach today, then this bright design is perfect for you. You can use different colors instead of these three as well. First apply the base color coat here yellow, and when it dries up, apply a coat of peach color in diagonally half shape and lastly apply a coat of purple covering the diagonal opposite half. Easy and super fun.

4 Black with yellow and white flowers

Since flowers are always beautiful why not let them be on your nails? Just apply 2 coats of black polish and a shinier coat of black again and then make flowers with dots of white surrounding a single dot of yellow color.

5 Black and gold combo

If you want that classic look on your nails, this nail design is really a sophisticated one and simple too. Just apply a black nail polish as base, and when it dries up apply a golden color nail paint in stripes of cross shape or any kind of stripes you want.

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6 Orange and white dotticure

The orange and white dotticure is one of my favorite nail designs, because I really love this color combination. It makes nails look bright and is ideal for both college and office. Plus, it is incredibly easy. Get even more creative by applying dots of white or orange, depending on the base color, and drawing some flowers or stars.

7 Black and gold/silver glitter nails

Glitter nails look really hot and sexy with fab combination of either black and gold or black and silver. No special tools required. You just need to apply a black nail paint as your base color and once it dries up you can either apply the glittery to your tips or to the moons. Simple, isn’t it?

8 Emoji nail art

When in mood of fun, or having a wild party with friends this one is really an attention seeking one! It is childish but then it is fun too. You just need yellow, black, white and some other colours according to the emoticons you choose to display!

9 Nude glitter nails

This is the simplest nail desing to choose when you do not want too much of attention. Nude glitter nails look chic so they are excellent for business meetings and college. It is a great alternative to French manicure.

10 Matte black with animal print

Do you love animal prints? If so, this nail design idea is for you. With use of black colors and some animal print relevant colors like yellow and white, you can easily get this done on your nails. It looks elegant and is really an ongoing fashion trend today.

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11 One designed nail

This saves your time and prevent you from designing all the nails. Choose a color and paint all your nails except one. Design it with glitter and some gemstones or glittery rhinestones. The nail art looks so marvellous.

12. Tie DYE

It is a combination of colors, making a sort of rainbow version. Although it is a bit messy, the result is worth it. Neon polishes are the best ones for creating this bright nail design.

13 Black and red plaid print nails

If you have that fabulous black and red dress or are going to attend a similar themed party, the black and red plaid print nails will complete your look. Just the use of black and red nail polishes, a gold stripper, a little bit of designing and it is done.

14 Crazy nail design

This one is really crazy yet quick and easy to do. The combination of plain, glittered and designed nails looks awesome. Crazy nail design is not the best choice for office, but college girls will like it.

15 Neon nail art

The latest in trend is the neon nail art. Just pick your favorite nail color and create any design you can or wish. Neon colors are not for bold girls only, you can rock this trend too. Whatever design you choose, make sure you use only neon nail polishes.

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Well, ladies, isn’t it wonderful to make your own nail designs for parties, college, work and little coffee date? Not only will you save cash, but you will be able to create your own design and flash it with style. Make your own style statement with these easy and fabulous nail designs.