7 Awesome French Beauty Tips to Try

Oct 24, 2022

Every woman always wants to look beautiful and each morning she spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting her look. French women of all ages are well-known for their natural beauty and they don’t have complicated beauty routines. I’m not telling that American women, African women, Russian women or Asian women are not beautiful. We are all beautiful, but we spend too much time (and beauty products!) trying to improve our natural beauty and often end up overdoing it. You don’t have to visit France to find out their beauty tips, though. I’ve got some of the most awesome French beauty tips that you may want to incorporate into your beauty routine.

1 Use facial masks every week

French women love to pamper themselves and they always have time to do a facial mask. Sometimes we can be so busy that we don’t have time to get enough sleep, not to mention a facial mask. But you won’t enhance your natural beauty, if you don’t have time to relax and pamper yourself. A high quality facial mask can make your skin more smooth and radiant. Plus, it can help keep you looking fresh and young without piling on the makeup each day.

2 Eat healthy food

When it comes to a healthy skin, your diet can go a long way. We all know that it’s important to eat healthy regularly to stay healthy and give the body the energy it needs. However, there are certain healthy foods that you can eat to have the perfect skin. Most French women eat right: they don’t skip meals, they eat mindfully and they always make healthy snack choices. No wonder they look slim and healthy. If you want to have a radiant skin, a healthy body and a high energy level, be sure to stick to a healthy diet.

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3 Don’t wash your hair each day

French ladies have a bit tousled, beautiful hair since they don’t wash it daily and they try to keep their hairstyle simple and chic. They don’t load the hair with different hair styling products as many of us do. If you wash your hair every day (as I did), try to break this habit. Your hair will be healthier and prettier. Also, avoid using too much hair styling products.

4 Forget about your heavy makeup

The heavy makeup is always a bad idea. It clogs your pores, which can lead to acne. Most French ladies don’t use foundations. They love a bare skin with a touch of mascara, lipstick, and sometimes blush. Sometimes you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to look beautiful. You can look beautiful without makeup at all!

5 Wear perfume or body splash every day

This tip may sound obvious, but nowadays lots of women don’t wear perfume or body spray every day. They put on makeup in order to look more beautiful, but they forget to use perfume that helps keep them smelling great all day long. There are many fantastic perfumeries in France as well as incredible perfumes. French women love perfumes and they believe every woman should spritz on a bit of scent daily.

6 Don’t show more than necessary

French women wear beautiful clothing but they never show too much, especially at work. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you should always wrap yourself up in pants and sweaters, or long skirts and long sleeve tops. Just learn how to dress so that you don’t show more than necessary. For instance, if you want to wear a short skirt, make sure you pair it with a top or anything you like that doesn’t show too much skin.

7 Wear minimal jewelry

Huge and chunky jewelry may look beautiful, but not on every woman. If you want to look like a French woman, make sure you wear minimal jewelry. Opt for small earrings and bracelets and avoid wearing statement necklaces each day. You can also pair your smaller accessories with the statement pieces for a bolder look.

French women are not ideal, but they look beautiful and they are so ladylike. You don’t have to follow all of the French beauty tips, but I’m sure that you’ve already chosen a few tips that you’d like to incorporate into your beauty routine. What French beauty tips do you like? Do you know any other tips?