10 Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf

Feb 11, 2022

Want to learn how to tie a scarf in a brand new stylish way? Scarves can be tied, twisted, and braided into a great number of awesome ways and styles. The right scarf, tied in the right way, can totally change your entire look. Whether you love wearing blanket, medium-length, or infinity scarves, you will certainly find something for you in my little list of various ways to tie a scarf.

1 The Boho

One of the best stylish ways to tie a scarf that is perfect for all seasons, including summer (when you opt for a light long scarf) is definitely the Boho style. Not only does it look stylish and unique, but it also looks complicated.

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In fact, it is incredibly easy and fast to tie. Give it a try. It takes a bit of practice and a positive mindset.

2 The Faux Infinity

Long scarves look fashionable and elegant only if you tie them correctly. The Faux Infinity is a great option for spring and early summer. Choose bright, floral or printed scarves to add a touch of freshness to your look. Pair it with some denim and a T-shirt or sweater for a casual look.

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3 The Bow

Turn your super-long scarf into a beautifully elegant bow in a matter of a minute. Although it takes a little practice to learn how to make this bow correctly, the result is worth it.

The Bow is ideal for both students and businesswomen, and it can be paired with whatever you decide to wear. Grab your long scarf and check out the photo tutorial.

4 The Shell Roll

Beautiful things do not have to be complicated. The same goes for scarves. The Shell Roll looks breathtakingly beautiful, yet at first glance, it seems you need to be a pro to tie a scarf like this. Nope. All it takes is 30 seconds and you are ready to go. Plus, this style is excellent for all seasons.

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5 The Maddox

If you are not a huge fan of long scarves, you probably have a square one. The Maddox requires only 3 steps and promises a fantastic look. Depending on the type and color of your scarf, you can match it with anything you wish to wear today.

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6 The Infinity

One of the best things about the Infinity is that this way of wearing a scarf is great for women of all ages. Just 4 steps, 40 seconds (or less), and your look is completed.

However, if you are a tall and slim woman, it is better to choose another way to tie your scarf. Otherwise, it can ruin your whole look.

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7 The Neat Twist

In truth, I don’t know exactly how to name this way of wearing a scarf, but I call it the Neat Twist because it looks really elegantly neat.

I love to match this scarf with winter dresses, spring sweaters, and autumn jackets. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on your creativity level and sense of style.

8 The Fake Knot

This is another stylish way to tie your infinity scarf. Place your scarf behind your neck. Tie a medium-sized knot on the left side and lessen it.

Put the right end through the knot and tighten a little. This knot is also perfect for medium-length scarves, and scarves with a thicker weave.

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9 The Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are comfortable, warm, beautiful, and trendy. They are large and square, which means you can wear them differently each day. Throw a blanket scarf over your shoulders and belt it at the waist.

Wear it as a poncho or a shawl with denim or dresses. Choose the way that is best for you.

10 The Braided Knot

Believe it or not, many guys wear the braided knot, not to mention how many girls opt for this style. Probably because it’s amazingly stylish and beautiful. The braided knot is easy to create, but still practicing is a must. The braided knot can be paired with literally every outfit you wish.

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The hard part of tying a scarf is choosing what knot or type of scarf you would like to rock. Feel free to experiment with different ways of wearing different types of scarves and you will see how easy and frugal it is to be a genuine fashionista. What are your best ways of wearing scarves?