10 Things Every Girl Boss Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Oct 4, 2022

You are a woman, you are a boss, and you are running your company like a boss – literally. But you can’t just keep wearing the same plain Jane pantsuit. Your wardrobe needs to reflect you, even as a boss.

You need to have fun with it, enjoy it. So, I am here today to give you a few tips and tricks on what you should have in your wardrobe to look and feel like the fabulous boss you are. Here are ten wardrobe essentials every girl boss should have in her wardrobe.

1 The suit

Yes, I know I mentioned you can’t wear the same pain suit every day, but this is a staple in any proud girl boss wardrobe. Whether together or apart, any great fitting suit will help you look strong – like you mean business, because you do.

So go out and buy a new, tailor-fitted suit that is a neutral color (like gray, navy blue, or black) so it can match all of your colorful tops and shoes.

2 Blouses

As a girl boss, you probably already have the boring collared shirt. And let me guess, it’s the accountant blue. Throw this puppy out in favor of a blouse. Blouses are your best friends as a girl boss, not only because they look professional, but because of their pair perfectly with your pant suit pants and some pumps.

And really, you can go with any color and style as long as it is not too revealing (that means keeping the girls in check, ladies). So go crazy with color, fit, and style with this piece.

3 Dresses

Moving on to dresses. Yes, you should have some dresses but why not play it up a bit? Get rid of that plain black dress, the sweater dress, and whatever another boring thing you have shoved in your work section of the closet and trade it in for something fun. Wrap dresses are perfect, easy to wear and look great.

They also come in a ton of patterns and colors to show off your specific style. If you want something less clingy, then grab a cute peplum dress or a nice fit and flare. Both this style will show off your curves and give you the air of confidence any girl boss should have.

4 Stylish lingerie sets

This one is strange, but I swear by it. Matching lingerie sets. I don’t know about you, but when I am wearing something cut, frilly, and matching under my powerful boss persona, I feel more confident and in control. Try it out and make a stop of Victoria’s Secret and find yourself a cute little set you love. Trust me, it works.

5 Pencil skirt

Speaking of bottoms, a pencil skirt is one of the wardrobe essentials every girl boss should have. Pencil skirts give off a powerful vibe like no other piece of clothing on this list – and they make your butt look amazing.

Plus, you can still pair it with anything else on this list, even if you pick a bright cobalt blue, red, or even just plain black (but please have fun a choose a colorful one).

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6 Pea coats

This one should be obvious, but just in case, I am throwing it in. Every great, fashionable boss should have a pea coat. Pea coats are warm, professional, and give you a great look. Grab black, tan, or some other neutral color to always go with all of your outfits and throw it on when it gets cold to keep warm.

7 Pumps

Now it is time to move on to accessories. Every good boss girl should have multiple pairs of pumps. Especially a black pair. Black goes with everything and looks as sleek as sleek can get.

But that does not mean you can’t still have some fun with your shoes, either. After you pick up some black pumps, you can go crazy with texture and color and grab whatever draws your girly eye.

8 Flats

Now that you have got pumps, you need some flats. Not every girl boss can rock a four-inch pump, as we know. We would all die if we even attempted to, honestly. So go out and grab yourself some black flats as your staple and maybe a couple other colors just for funsies.

9 Bags

Now for the bag. You need something sleek, something that will match with everything else on this list, no matter the color or texture. I would suggest a black Michael Kors bag – something simple, leather, and cute. If you can’t afford MK, just look for copy cats at discount stores – you will find something exactly alike for half the price.

10 Statement necklaces

And finally, every great girl boss needs some great necklaces. My personal favorite is a strand of pearls simple yet classic, giving off an air of confidence and class. But if you want something more fun, you can pick up a few statement necklaces to match the rest of your bold wardrobe at any store in your mall. Just remember to keep it neutral for the most part, maybe picking up one or two for those days you do decide to wear your pant suit.

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So these are all wardrobe essentials you need in your girl boss closet. Remember to have fun, represent yourself and your company with color and style – not just some boring pantsuits 24/7.