3 Tricks to Choose Accessories That Will Make You Look Slimmer

Everyone wants to know how to look slimmer and thinner these days. Unfortunately, when conversations start around this topic, they are usually about unrealistic diets and cleansing routines. Fortunately, looking slimmer does not have to involve torturing and possibly harming your body and your health.

Knowing how to create the right fashion outfits for your body shape is a great asset to have. With the right tools (i.e. fashion outfits and accessories) you can make yourself look slimmer while maintaining your sanity and lifestyle.

Accessories that help to slim and flatter are often overlooked when talking about outfits for women. For that reason, let’s look at some helpful tips on how to accessorize to give your fashion outfits an extra boost to slim you down.

1 Look slimmer with jewelry

Jewelry can either accentuate your body shape or conceal your flaws. For those women who are a bit more bottom heavy, necklaces can redirect the focus from the bottom half to the top half.

I recommend going for bolder colors and adding a touch of glam to keep all eyes on your top half. The same applies for small busted women. Get out your chunky, eye-catching and long necklace and wear it with pride. The necklace will add some length to your upper body and accent your bust. Long necklaces also work well for petite women.

Ladies who are looking for quite the opposite – to flatten their bust – should choose pendant necklaces that stop at the décolletage or right before the start of the top or dress. You can also wear a lighter, longer necklace that goes down to your chest or waist. Avoid short necklaces and chunky, heavy necklaces when accessorizing your fashion outfits. Now, bracelets. Petite women who wear chunky, heavy, bracelets, or wide cuffs tend to look even shorter. These bracelets cut and cover valuable arm length, making your arms seem even shorter. On the other hand, if you are tall and have longer arms, chunky bracelets are a great way to show off your style and make your arms less noticeable.

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2 Dress slimmer with bags

The same principles apply to bags, if you are petite and love huge handbags, unfortunately, you are covering yourself even more, making your body look tiny in comparison with the large bag. If it does not bother you, keep carrying your lovely, giant bag. However, if you are trying to avoid looking like a child with that oversized bag, especially during business meetings, opt for a smaller and slimmer one.

Taller women have the opposite problem, yet they also have a few things to consider when choosing an oversized bag. Small bags will make taller, larger women seem overly tall and large as if holding a toy bag, while a bag that is too large may accentuate their weight and size. When choosing a bag to match your fashion outfit, consider a bag that is proportional to your body.

A bigger bag will also look great on women who are long waisted. Petite women should avoid these bags like the plague. Otherwise, they will cut your height by half, and that’s way more than you can spare. Women who are trying to cover their hips and bottom should opt for a hobo or a satchel that will accentuate the waist and draw eyes away from the hips.

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3 Look thinner with belts

The belt can be an incredible piece of accessory to really bring the whole fashion outfit together. However, just like any other accessory, you need to know how to make it work with your body shape. When it comes to belts, your torso and height are the key points to consider. If you have a long torso, a wider belt is what you need. Women with a wider waist can use belts to create the illusion of a waist – the thicker the belt, the better. Women with a bit more curves should choose a thin belt. It can really bring out your perfect waist in a sophisticated way. Thicker belts can make you look distorted and turn your lovely waist into a square rectangle.

When you are on your weight loss journey, tips for looking slimmer with accessories may be an added bonus for you. Consider the tips the next time you update your wardrobe or look. If you have your own tips, feel free to share them with us.